Friday, June 11, 2010

A Very Painful Definition of Womenhood (FGM)

Gone were her smiles as she lay down there
Traumatic cries of some other girls could still be heard
Fear ran through her nerves as she felt the tension
It's her turn, her turn to follow the tradition.

Old women came by her side to hold her down
To stop her body from moving, to prevent her escape
Suddenly she felt the sharpness of razor blades
What a terrible pain she needs to bear at such a very young age!

Struggling to stay alive she cried out loud
As if to hurl her pain up to the clouds
Her body was trembling, thinning her resistance
Then they began to stitch her up and it was all done.

While lying down, her black face was covered with tears
Her world had been invaded by so many fears
At last she would be considered an 'adult' of her group
A very painful definition of womanhood by their troops.

The lady came to her and touched the soles of her feet
Took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears and sweat
She wanted to ask why they need to suffer this
But she slowly felt blank and lost consciousness.

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