Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Love Letter to John 35

At last I could say // I have someone to hold // to walk with my hand lock in yours through life // a man whom i'll share my hopes,dreams and fears.// If I could open my heart and mind right now // each particle they contain // is full of love only for you.// God grant me only one life to live,// let me fill every minute of it with my loving;// a love that possesses everything i have.// There is not a beating of my heart that is not yours. // Feel my words my love,// place them in your heart,// let them enter your soul // so we can be one.// I wanted to get closer to your joy,to your sorrows // and be the oxygen to your earth.//You maybe feeling alone in your own little world // Remember,at being right next to you // or a distance apart // In my heart and mind is the only man // that means all the world to me// You // God,I love you.

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