Monday, June 28, 2010

A Love Letter to Stewart 39

The wind so gentle
above the silent waters
of Shatin River.

Reflections of the buildings
in different bright colors
sway as the wind blows
but nothing compares
to the pair of eyes i am gazing.

We we're walking slowly,
heart to heart
and you smile at me.

Miles and miles we went,
heading to a place
where paradise is reality
and is ours my love.

We continue to trail
the mysteries of love
as our feet keeps moving
and so our feelings.

A moment to love
So amazing that I,
I am so lost for words
I am with you but
i am dreaming of us

I wonder how am I going to feel
to wake up in your arms,
to your kisses and hugs
and to your smile.

Its been a tough journey
for you and me John
but here we are tonight
At last i found you
and you found me.

It wasnt because of the wind
or the moving reflections of the buildings
on the peaceful river
that made me feel like
I've been born again.

It was the tenderness in your voice
that awakens my senses
Your loving kisses
that speaks the weight of your love for me.

Tonight,its only Us
the clock keeps ticking
And the world keeps revolving
But I hear nothing
except the songs of our hearts.

Until we reached the sad place
I hear the call for passengers,
the next train is coming.

I mind not the noise
as the train stops
I care not for the world
All I want is to stare at you.

Here We are
at ten o'clock in the evening
Waving goodbye...

Clouds starts to form
on my eyes
as the door closes and you're gone...

Another six days to wake up
without you by my side...

Until my next day off...

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