Friday, March 11, 2016

Love of My Life

I want to kiss you goodnight
and hold you close in my arms
feel the warmth of your love
and live in this night's charm

Of everything I know and yet to know
It's you my love that gives me pleasure
Each second of every minute with you
in all the sincerity I love and treasure

What was once a dream is now a reality
out of vast hollow i felt uplifted
I am barren no more because of you
when in emotional bliss our hearts bonded

With you there is none to hold against
as your handsome face is irresistible to me
Now and always I am yours to cherish
and you are mine to love unceasingly

No matter what wonders my eyes have seen
every spectrum is filled with YOU
I know heaven in your enthralling smiles
and your sweet words that lures me too

A lifetime of romantic love to bless
every inch of me yearns every inch of you
the many things you do to make me happy

touches my heart more than you'll ever know.