Tuesday, January 3, 2012


there in the shadow of the moon
our souls meet
Not undeniably sweet
ample to retort a blatant "What?"
with a smile
to beguile
the doom

You took my oath
and carved them
in your dreams;
where silvery thoughts
fly like butterflies
like that of a paradise
we both longed...

There beneath the shadow
we decided to view
the bliss we never knew
nor we had ever seen
in the epoch of our reality.

Awaiting thy words,
I felt the world
trembled neath my feet.

I looked into your eyes
a pair of dry ice
suddenly met my hopeful breath,
but it only last for a bit.

I felt the cork-like,sweet
camouflage to my well-being
lifted the gimlet from my heart
commanding, beckoning
the darkness within me
to flee...

Immersed on the shadow
you hold my hand
and the wind started to dance
and create waves

"It's not bad to dream
a still tarn beneath the heaven",
you whispered with a grin...

and from then on
our ascending journey began...