Friday, May 24, 2013

My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart,
 take me to the pinnacle of your dreams...
 I'll transpose them into reality.
 when two destined souls
bump into their inevitable destiny...
 from despondency surged contentment
from vacuity grew inspiration
from loneliness came euphoria...
 the unyielding, sacred seams
of our hearts
locked the bygones
releasing fresh passage
of a poetical romance
the vacuous hearts we once had
we will fill with warmth
acquiescing bliss to often flow
inducing subtle goosebumps...awakening
for those who connect with our elysium...
 our gift, promising and resplendent
seducing every second to melt jocundly
to intensely poetized our soulful eyes,
felicity fires our lips without fail
for doting words to cling our fluttering hearts...
 to devotedly love endlessly,
to be with in suffering and serenity,
to hold hands in assurance and uncertainty...

for the destined souls,
dreams do come true.
 So, Sweetheart
 take me to pinnacle of your dreams...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cura Perpetuum

Burried in strenous chore
the hymn goes through my ears
with depleted mind
I sit...
Oh how your cheer took over
your words rich, devoted and appeasing
song slipping gently into my aroused heart
mid each dash of perfection stretch
from the curves of your lips
to console the weariness...cura perpetuum.
Overthrowing minor work
the rapport longing but sweet
with the serene reclining
you rub...
Oh how my eyes shut
smirking through each care of your silver words
on my yearning marrow they pour devoutly
quenching my common thirst
those words candid but thoughtful 
healing my very weak bits...cura perpetuum.
Rolling up my sleeves
important files on my desk
to the rented breathing spell
I give in... 
Cloaked in the dimness
I stretch my left foot on top of the other
sedative glide through my back
my head against interlocked fingers
savoring tender attention
burning bond locking souls...cura perpertuum.
Perceiving St. Michael's antidote
requiescence hightened per minute
with closing of my eyelids
I breathe...
Oh how minutes melt
when I think of you and whisper prose
entwining my heart with my airy soul
transmitting the beams of our zeal
lips moving to amusing curvature
until I breathe you inside me...cura perpetuum.
True, my cure forever
in common place tomorrow
my weariness
your gentleness
our momentousness
and treasured
with cura perpetuum.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Love Song

And suddenly,
you became the music
a love song...
To caress the woman
of my tender side
To soften the temper
of my strenuous moon
To paint the canvas
of my vast hollow
Your melody so gentle
courteous evermore
To rest for keeps
in beauteous memoria
Exuding creativity
from now kindred heart
My smile laced this minute
your lyrics transformed me
when suddenly
you became the music
My love song.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethereal Moments

How many times
has it been today?
A cascading pendulum
Countless smiles entangle
the untamed passion
within the feverish recesses
unfolding euphoric exaltation.
Words delicately woven
of intense and witty
coating the desire
to unite with yours, freely.
Cherished pearls of bounteous grandeur
formed in fair flare feelings
with symbiosis of space and time
the torrents of our yearnings.
The gifts of our sacrificial nature
birthing peculiar momentum
flushing all that was unclear
hearts flutter...continuum.
Moments such as this
polish pearls of celestial art
the sky parted in moving mantra
with our precious keepsake sweetheart.


Hello Happiness...
My hidden gift,
your naughty trick,
in distinct but
magical coloring
raring for affirmation.
Dip into me gently
in each pulsating muscle.
Quick, pump up the plasma
within my half-grown veins.
My almost
in a sweet pretense
of a squint.
Heart beat
in seconds
...bypassing entrapment...
Glance over me
See the desire
dripping on my lips
A voyage of discovery
with the lure of delight
rip my reservations
An exploding cocoon
reclining on the tick of second.
Come closer
I'm gonna bite you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Are My Beautiful Poetry

The promise of hope is pouring it's gifts,
their blessings astound my stillness keep
And i am smacked by questioning;
Willl I be guided
if things don't befall to plan?

The magnitude of pigments perform in my mind
and amidst that display,
I am knocked speechless
Yet speechless, beyond doubt I can denote
the naked poetic chemistry
in the excitement of our souls.

I smile into the calmness
The fairness takes it's toll
A love that is a bliss is granted to me,
Ardent wind lifts me high
But still I am speechless

For you to dance me to the moonlit's end
To scribe tender words on painted walls
Signs of our beatitudes
Pleasant songs of my contentment

Exhale in serenity
A pleasure so right on
Indeed, it's a blissful strife
in the battle of life
To have someone destined to own.

And if we'll be smacked by questioning;
Will we be guided
if things don't befall to plan?
That magical reality, life
is still full of rhythmic lines, regardless.

My Treasured Love

in the midst of our journey,
I'm certain to hear the giggling air
in compliance
to my beating heart

burst forth
promises to the beyond

But this chance is ours
for each hours
eternity is in our hands

Seasons consent to bear witness
the yearning of two damaged hearts

Bearer of once injured wings
ascend in unison

No haste
upon the brightness of our venturous
yet cautious course

One step at a time

They say
it's easy to fall in love
but to meet someone
who will catch you when you fall
is hard

Perchance, I'm a lucky girl

Within prickles and pleasures of life
the nymph found her satyr

My treasured love.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Rain

The rain softly hits the roof
So calm and peaceful
Yet when it picks up
It is unpleasant and blearing

Terrifying the girl inside me
All through the night

Although it is absurd

I'm hoping the moon turned on
In this dark room
I sense the air is wheezing
For it's company

The least thing I need
To fill this room

The sound of love songs.

So i know
That this endless

And left me spent
In a room where all symmetry
Begin to drown

In this bleak nightly course
I yearn to hold the fragile form of me
In utopian silence

At least before the rain
Begin to pour again
At dawn.