Friday, August 2, 2013

John in the Hospital

I sit in our empty room
beside the opaque shade 
of your favorite lamp...
I understand the despondency 
it is to be a woman.

Few valuable years ago
you were few years old younger 
I was thirty plus years younger than you 
and sparks tossed our hearts 
then they became one to flutter
with our dreams they tower 
in perfect addendum.

Beside the lamp shade 
I've seen us fractured
sometimes we were injured 
like the opaque light 
we failed to keep sight 
of why this life is meant living for
of why each path is worth walking for...

the opaque shade figured this long ago
equal to the lampshade beside me 
but it locked itself in deep silence 
not care to give a clue 
that it was harmful...
somewhat it could withstand 
and watch us grow as seasons change 
as we carry on to find 
the perfect guide to marriage...

and as i sit beside the opaque shade 
of your favorite lamp 
i recall the times you fall 
and how many times I've catch you....
and those times i lost my all 
how you became my eyes...

if there is someone who listens...
who can paint clearly the reason 
behind my aches 
or my smiles in the bend...
it is You.

Here in our empty room
immersed in opaque shade
thinking of you in your hospital bed 
i realize the worriment 

it is to be a wife in love.