Friday, June 11, 2010


Her pink long hair
Bounces in the breeze
like the waves of the sea.

She stands on the post
of an old street lamp
wearing a mini skirt,
a hanging blouse and
a two inch high heels.

Across the street stands a man,
giving her sharp looks
monitoring her every moves
to get her job well done.

She laid back on the steel
letting her chewing gum ease
the deep cutting pain
brought by the thought;
She's a prostitute.

If only she had a choice
Her father was jailed
Her family in hunger
and in every single day
they never had proper meals.

Standing next to her
is a very young girl
with perfect curves at fifteen
Then she wonder
Is this girl's family in hunger too?

At the back of her mind
are the painful screams,
a cry for her and her fellow flesh seller
They were used,abused and bedded by many men.

Her screams stop when
a man came to pick her up
and as she follows him she whispers,

"...tonight my dignity will be slained again".

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