Friday, June 4, 2010

Me,A Hero?

Heroes of today
That's We
That's Me
OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers)
Enchased to subjugate
The biers
Embracing the squalor..
Of my terrestrial charts
Courageous and determined
With tears as my weapon
Struggling with life
For my family..
For my country..
Saviour of the economy
But when i suffer misery..

Will you fight for me?

Will you be there for me?

I battled life alone..
For the sake of that paper
Where life depends upon,
That bullshit paper
The reason of my hunger
Devitalized my free will..

To write..

To speak..

To act..

What's in my mind.

Words benumbed, enchased, seared, withered..
Behind the inflated mantle of



And money

Of the greedy beast.

Oh God have mercy!

On Me..

On We..

The heroes of our country.

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