Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~O' Winter Fairy of Screams~

My body is restless
And my eyelids are falling,
But my heart is totally awake.
 I hear the voice of my dearest calling!
Crying her name in the darkness,
The one that he loves most.
How painful to hear over his lips,
It wasn't my name he screams tonight.
O' Winter Fairy of Screams,
My dearest love has gone!
To pick up precious gems of his past.
He left me in the garden where
I was sorrounded with flowers we planted,
Flowers we've watered with love.
A love as beautiful as the full moon,
As white as the Boracay sands.
Now I filled the garden with tears
And keep shouting my heart's screams;
'Come back to me' , 'Come back to me' ,
But my dearest one hears nothing -
He is busy calling his dearest's name
And crave nothing but her scream.

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