Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 27

Why do i love you?...

......Its not because of the beauty of the pedestal
where you carefully put me

.....Its not because of the articles where I was featured

.....Its not because of the recognitions i get from respected people

.....Its not because of our common dreams-to help.

.....Its not because of the positions attached to your name

.....Its not because of your fame...


.....the fire that burns in your eyes everytime you tell me you love me

.....the sincerity of your words and the fullfilment it gave me

.....the laughters we shared as we walk holding hands along the river

.....the way you look at me while im lying next to you on our bed

.....the frustrations in your voice when charlie jumps on your lap while you're kissing me

.....the way you kiss my sweat when we're working together to beautify our home .

....the excitement you feel while you cook our diner

.....the farewell dinner you cancelled just to be there for me

.....the tears of joy you shed as We talk and kiss in between our sentences

.....the moments when you unexpectedly kneel down before me and say i am your Goddess

.....the respect you gave to my family and friends

.....the way you stroke my hair that tells how much you care .

....and many more .

....the thing is ,


.....for knowing my worth and respecting my wants,

my fears,my doubts,my likes,my love as a woman.....

I couldnt ask for more

The world is wonderful

The day you came around

.....and love me.

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