Saturday, June 5, 2010

Candor's Eclipse

Ugly shadow of mine,

spare me a minute please.

Let me verbalize my views

about lesser and greater deeds.

Will silence sling me to hell,

because I prefer to pray privately

inside my hushed room,

So I can meditate;

to adore my gracious God,

Away from the crowd,

Places where I can't concentrate;

Where all eyes are on me,

As if i'm a superstar getting praises,

because I memorize the Bible's verses?

Ugly shadow of mine,

why you've said I'm lesser than you?

Divergent to you, I'm tacit

when it comes to faith.

Still to vocalize God's word

when I'm on the street;

where people hear me in a while

and for few seconds kicking their feet,

to the beat of Bon Jovi's Hits

that keeps playing on the store nearby.

So, ugly shadow of mine,

how could you say you're greater,

when you never tried to look back

on the shadows of your shadow?

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