Saturday, June 5, 2010


The sizzling Sun smiling

above the dazzling clouds,

that lurch on the vastness of the turquoise sky,

upon hearing the song

of the halcyon air.

Beneath the grasslands

the polished river was indeed

like a virgin; unalloyed,

flowing freely to the sea,

reflecting the nirvanic images

of the World and its gems.

And the Birds of Paradise,

beaming with innocence,

standing on the river banks,

enjoying the chipper Maya;

tiptoeing on the branches

of the Mango trees.

Over the florid hill

stands the verdant boys,

laughter echoing on the wind,

as their kites rising,

tracing the docile current

of the complaisant air.

Sometime before I came

and inhale the tainted air,

where "Modern Artificials";

chemicals, stainless steels...

were still unknown to earth,

Shangri-la does exist here.

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