Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~O' Winter Fairy of the Dead~

I came and paid respect on the altar
Where the bones of my ancestors rest
Fairy,pardon me for calling their bones
Throes ground my heart to dust
And broke the pillars of my spirit
My entire system had collapsed
When the Day proved unable to tell how was he
Anxiety started to bake bitter cakes
Within and on the edges of my realm
 I was down to the waterless regions of loneliness
That threw me to the foot of the altar
Where the bones of my only hope rest
Hear me! O' Winter Fairy of the Dead
Let them come out for once
To guide me on the narrow path
And unveil the mystery of love
In the eyes of my Everlasting Comfort
Where love songs play within me constantly
As my eyes and mouth listened
in silence Hear me,I beg you Please.

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