Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Love Letter to John 32

What else can I do

to let you feel

how much I love you,

to be the woman you deserve,

to lavish you with love

and to hold you above all else?

My love,I will stand by you,

preserve all your promises in my heart

and each precious moments we have-

I will be your best friend ,

hold you tight to no end-

that,baby I vow to you.

And if I could be with you now

I'll put your hand to my heart

to let you feel its every beat is for you.

I will bask you in my shimmering glow,

get you lost in the magic of my love

for time indifinite,only you... .. .

satisfies me,embraces me,

fills my life with so much joy,

and renew me from day to day.

So what else I haven't done

to let you feel my love?

To stand before God and kiss you... .. .

before the eyes of the people that love me,

respect me and bless me... .. .

to passionately kiss you as my husband.

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