Monday, June 14, 2010

A Love Letter to John 8(poem)

OUR FIRST DAY TOGETHER     The doves in the sky are singing songs of love the moment the shell breaks and showed me to the world' a woman,radiantlystep out to be with you as one.   Could this be  a dream? I hear myself repeating it thrice Or a phantasmagoria perhaps because of too much reading love notes and watching romantic films.   But wait,why i can feel the excitement as the train passes each station towards you? Why my heart wobbly beat as i get off in Kowloon Tong? Because....You are there waiting.   A light rainbow appears the moment our eyes meet, Butterflies play with rose petals, that slowly sways down to the ground... Then time stops to everyone except US.   Witn full hearts our lips meet without caring the wolrd You whisper "i love yous" while holding me tight... The beginning of our first day,together.   Then with sparkling eyes we slowly walk under the rain as your hand lock in mine. Each moment of ours is perfect under the blue umbrella you're holding.   With contentment we enter your home and we begin to understand how two different worlds meet as one as you kneel down,took my hand and kiss it, and say"Airyn with I love you truly".   I smile,I stare at you and smile again and say"John, I do love you too selflessly". Then no one knows what else we did but the cats and us. On our first day,our life together begins and I know,this is a dream no more.

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