Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Poem for Rizana Nafeek (A Sri Lankan domestic worker sentenced to death by beheading in Saudi Arabia)

Today the sky cast
a different shade of blue
Dimness, daylight, doves and tears
tells me I must do something for you,

Precious Rizana,my fellow Overseas Contract Worker,
lend me your ear as I speak,
hear the words from my heart that cares
to share your unfathomable throes.

I care for you
and the cries of your heart,
your adolescent heart that never
fully experienced the freedom of a teenager
because of poverty, hunger...

You embraced the responsibility that somehow
belongs to your parents but I know,
I truly understand it all;
the pain behind the sentiments between cycle and role
of poverty...

Behind those bars,
inside those walls
I can see you;
A lone white dove
with fractured wings
that was never taught to sing
sentenced to death…….
By the most barbaric means

How heartbreaking is that scene?
You left your home for your family
and there you lay with a cold blank stare
away, so, so far away from home,
inside that cold prison, wither
by the fear, sorrow, pains, longing
of a daughter to hug her mother
of a daughter to kiss his father
of a sister....
that will soon became part of the history?

As the air grew thin
with the smell of death and fear
I felt the freezing cold
rushing through my veins
upon holding the rugs and brooms
both arduous and distressing
as tears escape twin streams of my soul.

I saw the executioner on my pc screen,
the rituals,
the swords,

I heard and listened to his testimony
word by word
like cutting daggers pressed into my heart.

So is this how it’s going to end?

Visions of sky turned black
as the twilight came
and the concluding curtain fell
for you..
at a very young age,
a hero to her family,
to the OCW's...
is so unacceptable. cruel…

I will pray for you
I, Airyn

Monday, October 25, 2010

Missing Home,Missing Philippines (From the heart of a Domestic Worker)

Fragrant joy
of better days

Here i am again
Trying to relive the sweet memories
of me and my family,

Here i am..
hurting more and more,
fading away like a word
from the lump of the world,
dimming away from the lights
of the only lamp hanging tonight
on the roof of the earth.

Such pain I pulled
out my painful days,my painful days...
they were devoured with pain...

On this cutting time,
the inimicable
of the wind's wave,
drags me to the core of te darkness.

My exhausted hands
the only spiraling lights
from the memories of better days...
Gone! the hardships that i had whispered
and carried out to the wind
the one that they easily forgotten
cast...left to the unknown

Gone...gone were those days
i felt like I'm a best kept secret
or a spider hunting,
phoenix rising...

for i was left alone;
a tangled helpless fly,
a mouse clutched in its claws...
ojust a filthy lie...

Lie,such a sad word
I lied if i say,"im okay"

I am trapped among the debris
that humanity ardently embraces
in twisted virtue abd principles...

Since the day the sole of my feet touched
the busy land of Hong Kong
until now...
I am nothing...

Yes,I am nothing to the one's
who never heared my cries
but rather rejoice,feasting while
drinking the wines of their Gods-Carlo Rossi,
working to death,
stuck in the darkness...
But i know...

Within this darkness lies the rays of the moonlight
illuminating the picture of my aunt,
my siblings and my father...

Back in our little home,
in my beloved homeland:

In there I am everything!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

By the River of Shatin

I found no darkness tonight
for you are sitting next to me...

Most precious breath of the night;
Mi Amor,
I am inhaling you inside me...

The sound of your voice;
My love,
penetrates my deep cuts;
cleansed them by its spellbinding ways...

On this parapsychological night
strange indeed,but

I astonishingly found myself
placed so gentle in a moment
well-founded than the Order of the Garter.

Oh love,heavens bless us tonight!
Each nerves,each bones of mine
performs its task in harmony with my heartbeat,
so gentle everytime your mellow touches fill me.

Just looking st you tonight,
each facet of your being
is an enthrallment...

Everytime your zealous eyes stare at me
It kindle the fire of courage in my within
to be the best woman that i can be
for you...

I am uniquely entrapped
to the echanter of such person as you
And never will i wish some metamorphosis of time...

For tonight,
from this very moment...

I willingly,not under orders will stay this way
In love with you for eternity
Mi Amor.