Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Inside the antediluvian dining hall
Six crystal chandeliers hanging atop
The well-decorated table
And the pearls at the end of mine,
My observant glistening eyes
Sparkles at my precious Angel
Holding my hand and squeezing it twice
A reassuring gesture of love
That truly liquefies my uneasiness.

Cordiality floats around the hall
And the stained glass windows
Reflects the smiles and complaisance
Of everyone on that clubby night

The soup...
The turkey...
The dessert...
The wine that were served to me...
Nothing could taste terrific like them
When Stewart is smiling at me,
Beside me,holding me...
His touch is such a constant trance
How welded is my equipoise
When love was this enchanting?

I am breathing significant breath
Painting substantial photographs
Of valued moments within heavenly moments
At the banquet
With gentlemen
With new-found friends
And with the love of my life.

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