Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tales of a Man with two Pussies

I. The Night Before the Operation

The dark clouds playing on the horizon
covering and revealing the moon
but not all of it.
It is amazing how they move
forming broken circus and and limits.
And although it was a catchy scene,
it never exist to the eyes of John
nor he felt the magnetic trance
like those who witnessed a sigh of such.
Such is the feeling of disturbance
that drowns his every glands.
Perchance his love for Charles and Magellan
is much much beyond the Subterranean.
The night before the surgical procedure,
John sits with discomposure
by the candle whose light almost burnt out
and cans of Calsberg he couldn't live without,
He confess his fears while he gulp his beer
abreast the two cats sitting on their rears.


Sitting at his desk thoughts very far
Staring out the window with the frame ajar
the daylight offered him reasons to smile
in a coarse, barbaric debonair style
Like the man who asked for his helping hand
A man with a mustache and from Pakistan
He tried to listen as the man speaks
But his words appeared to him like dynamite sticks
So he packed up his bag and returned home
Found comfort for his tired self in the bedroom
as minutes went past he couldn't sleep
then his nervousness spurts that he couldn't keep
Quarter to twelve the bells tolled
His heart slowly broke and silently howled
He took Charlie first to put him in the cage
the pussy was excited at first then insanely raged
Next he picked up Magellan and put him inside
Like Charlie his anger plus confusion collides
Exactly twelve o'clock appeared the SPCA
with the concerned Ms. Yuen, the super cat lady
They took the two cats to the vet and so
for hours that John spent his nervousness grew
He saunters alone in a sad somber  road
towards Wo Che wet market to buy some food
Since the sun still up, He trailed his way back
to the Jockey Club and bet his streak luck
He sauntered  again in a sad thoroughfare
back to Seven Eleven to have few cans of beer
And dawdle his buns back to his dwelling
Then wait for his wife and the cats and perfect timing
to plow and to plant and to harvest his crops
not to mention his FV fuels need some top ups
He did all he can to amuse his weary mind
But his mind seemed temporarily became colorblind
So he stripped off the plastics and took some candles
placed them in the holders,then lit and settled down
There was nothing he could do but to worry and wait
until they came home at night when the clock strikes eight.

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