Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Healing (Flu 4)

This harmony she hears
cradles her soul from the grave
to an unending stream of calmness
Her smile grows wider as the tune plays on
'Drown me in your soothing refrain',she says
Being swathed by this melody
only heaven knows no bounds
'an exemplary Wednesday afternoon'
She thought...
Head buried on tender pillow,
she shut her lids to slumber
Her heart melted in contrast of ardency on flame;
an aura of sanctifying bliss...
while the angelic tune goes on and on.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Curse of Winter ( FLU 3)

The burning candle
canvas of anemic images
can be seen by these ailing eyes

Streams of cosmic meddling 
gyrating spectrum of phantasm 
reliving pieces 
zoetic in dynamic prelude 
a decrepit's vanilla brain bonk...

Troops of quietude
tried to mingle with multicolored lights
emitted from the Christmas tree
tormenting this earsplitting silence...

Sentiments never bail out these sickish lips 

take this bug in me 
this bug eclipses in hell's cloak 
impaling the weeks gone passed 
I hate the decrepitude it created
my prime pleasure killer 

As the burning candle weep 
melted flames infusing my arteries 
canvas of anemic images 
can be seen by this ailing eyes 
a distant decrepit...i become...

Don't finish me yet
i'm not well rehearsed for my funeral
repulsive submarine
my imminent low...

before, the crisp winter wind blew me
each blow teeming with toxic spell
each breath...each flutter...
paradisiac...flawless drown.

Who would thought i'd breathe the wicked poison
out of mother nature's breath?

Was it your fault...
Was it mine...
Was it...the totality?

As the burning candle continued to weep
I lit the lemon grass incense
hoping the healing aroma
could ease the befuddling inside me

my eyelids half close
and again I submerge to the torrents of my favorite songs
leaving all questions to the unknown.

Breakdown on the Sofa Bed (FLU 2)

Seems this dark cloud never fades
no more smiles on this winter night
I chill to the coldness of this room
as my body temperature raises higher and higher

If it's okay, i'll say i'm okay
but even a little whisper.... aches
my throat complains of the pain it bears

I light the candle and the scent of orange and apple fills the air
and I light the lemon grass and Japanese cypress incense too
hoping them healing aroma could ease the restlessness inside me

I then submerge in the waves of my favorite songs on iTunes
for hours, i dream as coldness steals my soul

I woke up
to blackness

hands shaking
i again light the candles and incense
my favorite  candles and incense
then played my choice of music

while Bruno Mars' "It will Rain"  raises the emotion of these four walls
it reminds me of work, Sarah....when Lady and I sing this song together...

I miss work and the ladies...

the cold waters that leak from my burning eyes
the bear witness of how much i hate this


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Antigenic Drift (FLU 1)

Head aching in alarming pain 
the torment consumes my eyes 
with run down heart
I complain...

How two weeks had passed 
your attendance, stealing and assuming 
chills successively burn my skin 
as each bit of your raging temperature races 
from my hurting head to quavering toes 
to mate my body aches...with watery eyes.

Ignoring your presence
the work is engaging and potent 
with wee changed of weather 
I complain...

How hours had passed 
your company, unwanted but condoned 
yet these mixture of your appalling indicia 
transmitted natural heat to a devastating degree 
formulating fatigue, lacking caution 
slimy liquid flows from the nose...antigenic drift.

Struggling to keep my cool,
the phantom sifting through bounds 
with respiration rough and roasting 
I complain...

How you easily passed immigration 
your donation, tax free and unauthorized 
shedding virus,raiding living cells 
terrorizing my reluctant pockets
with infection augmenting in noxious greed 
its wicked technique...invoked ordeals.

Glooming in ghastly threat,
the torment consumed my eyes 
with crestfallen heart 
I complain...

again and again..

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


At night
you trip to my dreams
and snag a place
for my mind to be still

You block the disturbance
as you slowly paint
the silken canvas...

dissolving aggro...
defusing lemon grass-like aroma
so soothing,
so suited to my taste...

simple yet calm
you flatter my rustic mind
with a soft flutter...

such sweet indulgence,
a subtlety of some sort..

lock me away in your  snug
in feeble beauty of nakedness
bare each hunted feeling

see through me
for only this moment
i let you cradle me
in each current of emotion..

dear Poetry.

Friday, August 2, 2013

John in the Hospital

I sit in our empty room
beside the opaque shade 
of your favorite lamp...
I understand the despondency 
it is to be a woman.

Few valuable years ago
you were few years old younger 
I was thirty plus years younger than you 
and sparks tossed our hearts 
then they became one to flutter
with our dreams they tower 
in perfect addendum.

Beside the lamp shade 
I've seen us fractured
sometimes we were injured 
like the opaque light 
we failed to keep sight 
of why this life is meant living for
of why each path is worth walking for...

the opaque shade figured this long ago
equal to the lampshade beside me 
but it locked itself in deep silence 
not care to give a clue 
that it was harmful...
somewhat it could withstand 
and watch us grow as seasons change 
as we carry on to find 
the perfect guide to marriage...

and as i sit beside the opaque shade 
of your favorite lamp 
i recall the times you fall 
and how many times I've catch you....
and those times i lost my all 
how you became my eyes...

if there is someone who listens...
who can paint clearly the reason 
behind my aches 
or my smiles in the bend...
it is You.

Here in our empty room
immersed in opaque shade
thinking of you in your hospital bed 
i realize the worriment 

it is to be a wife in love. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

R.I.P. Charlie

once you lived in paradise 
with us, and we explored 
the rugged life together 
where sunbeams were blurred

Underneath the murky sky
our love laced the rough course
sometimes the turns were on our side 
sometimes not...but no remorse

We stayed strong for one another 
brushing our hearts with sublime pleasure 
not allowing our travails to let us bleed
until the sunshine blessed our demeanor 

You especially...kept us happy
when Maggie decided to vanish
our only king left was you
and rest in peace

A single tear of sorrow 
fell down my cheek
looking at your favorite sofa
without you sitting meek

Rest in peace dear Charlie 
you had taught us the world is wide
and we can only understand love and pain
if we will let you go now to the other side. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love

glowing in grand desire
under the roof of the night 
the bliss reaching my heart
 I sit...

oh how your smile took over 
your lips so luscious, sensual and revealing
joy growing rapidly upon my enthralled soul
as each drop of joy appears
from the curve of your lips
to become one with my sparkling eyes

embracing delightful destiny
the longing wild and precious
with tense breath
I sing...

Oh how my nerves shiver
pleased with the strike of your gaze
within my marrow it thrust intently
familiarizing my unique substance
those eyes soulful and tender
enlivening that comatose piece of me

analyzing our designed paths
we fit together 
on time destined for us
I give in...

upon this dearest moment 
my heart placed in stunning wonder
my long black hair sways in glee 
cheeks blush in surprising rapture
binding in the inevitable promises
with rhapsody gliding on the borders

finding for an answer 
the love exuding through mental analysis
with face florid and blessed
I trust...

Oh how our gazes entangled
when you softly turn and meet my eyes again
sealing eternity underneath strong desires
 entrancing, flourishing, stunning, promising
eyes glowing in full contentment
until you whisper my name in pure reverence

glistening in fluttering heart
under the roof of the night 
the joy reaching my soul
I love...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Husband

As the sunrise delivers tender glow
you awaken the innocence in me
to offer your smile
no need to say a word
i fully understand the language of your heart

As the day strengthen, taking in whirlwinds
i fall down...i failed...shoved
by the delicious veiled coy of a wink
my extorted thoughts boil
you speak, and all things became clear

As the early warmth begins
i allowed the substance of your words
to test my satin limbs
i dare again to savor the sting of downfall
for as long as in this instance, you're there

As midnight get comfort from the moon
so as I from You
nightime gives off her cotton sheets
so comforting like every lavish inch of your love
a treasure of some sort I cannot name

As i release soft breathing
it goes with my secret prayers
i thank heaven for the gift of you
you are my husband, my best friend...
you nurture me, guide me, and love me selflessly.

Midsummer Bleed

You've cut the barb wire
from the misery
time had stowed upon me
in one soft touch of your voice
with tender love
has gone deeply...

the glamour of your stares
feeling of boundless felicity
sparkled constantly in my soft brows
beyond my wildest dreams...
my heart had shone in glorious bliss

in every precious smile I got
your lucid and angelic...yearnings
mirrored the image of your delighted heart
those sublime and cherished moments...

I know it is foolish to recall
each delicate puzzle
without opening the wounds again inside me
you, with your true love
dwelling in every piece of me
every seconds, I miss you

My heart recites, its pool of blues
covert to the carnal world
which drained its psychedelic beauty
since I failed in the clouds of defeat
over the wicked reality and lost you...

I wonder when will I stop to wander
when or where to settle my weary soul
you see, I'm scared to expect or  go on
my heart has had enough

Can you taste the harsh emptiness now?
This sweet delusion and divine sorrow
the impeccable road of misfortune
this path is hard to travel
without your care and reverence
without you...if not you...

I'm lost in the hands of despondency
and I hope in appropriate time
I will get to apprehend
the loving tone of your voice
and feel your undeniably sweet love again.

My Beautiful Torment

At the end of the day
remembrance of us
play in my mind
I need some strength
oh beautiful torment
allow me to be void
and frozen and perhaps
I'll stop crying tonight

In the eyes of my angel
million miles away from me
my love flows unending
in silent daydream
my sweet delirium grows
in tune to endless misery

I've spent years in the ruins
of my reserved hollowness
where the only light
is my unspoken love for him
then with the grace of time
I get to tell him how i feel

In the eyes of my angel
million miles away from here
my heart never stops beating
in hidden devotion
my precious demise grows
in total darkness

And here in the hidden havoc
i collect the wreckage of me
constructing comfort in morbid night
by chance with the grace of time
I'll get to see his eyes once more
and the smiles that I treasure
then perhaps i will live again.

Hope~~~~ in Banal Vacuity

In this starless night
i listen to desertion
a medley of solitude
dropkick harmonies
an unexpected nightmares

as pitch darkness reigns
and totally envelopes the room
i hear diverse views
of every pieces of me.....
futile poisons

I know what you wish
me in the hands of vultures
and you in splendid silence
so sorely distant......
your abstract choice

another unison with loneliness
such banal vacuity
i am a sideswiped carcass again
expelled from the ideal world
in funereal fortune

I need some fine discharge
a tear or more perhaps
an elegant fall off
of a thorn-less rose
in callous solemnness

somewhere deep within me
a small falsetto emerged
a hopeful voice not powerful
but enough to enchant in silken honesty
a reason to keep on.

Sincerely Inlove

Engulf me in your eyes of fire
for I'll tame your lust forever
being placed on a pedestal
love alone, fathoms it's limits

Touch me with your seductive voice
make me to never discount this choice
within this beatific connection
I give in, to your sweet paradise

Kiss me, with your natural modesty
for what amount would tally
upon such explicit devotion
a kind of wonder I cannot tell

Read me, with your most caring essence
behold the substance of each sentence
genuine passion forming paragraphs
yielding scrolls of our endless romance

Love me, let me live within your breathing
so I'll get to know your every little thing
to softly cradle your tender tides
not with gold in my pocket but with a loving heart

There is no avoiding the anticipated
There is no demand of withdrawal
There is no repressing destiny
I am love.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Waltz Me to Your Delirium

you inspired me with your tender care
or was it simply your lustrous smile
sufficing my soul with resplendence
a summer of magical changes

keeping the objectives
that attached to my being
formatting on my decided vision
with one certain route to go

bound to hold fast destiny
polished as treasured pearl
engaging now confidence
an assurance to fondle fate

eons of fantasia
compassion synchronized
waltz me to your delirium
let's leave the world behind

a long way still I to wait
but loving you in verse
set aflame my sentiments
until the destined date

molded by yesterdays
a reflection of a conqueror
such feast for my misty eyes
my blissful ending is with you Amour 


When sky beacons glorious chants


merge into compliance
fondling hearts
burst passion to the beyond

euphoria flourish wings
to cause blissful buoyancy

here you go again
diffusing your darling artistry
every effect grazes my marrow
sealing the substance of our special promises

what distress could beset such tenderness?

the bliss of cherishing you
bends the wind of adversity
begetting timeless tranquility

golden moments gliding in potted seconds
within the candid words spoke
with endeared poetry

I become the breeze
you become my wings
we sail to the vast unknown
welcoming forever with exultation

and when the sky beacons glorious chants

we surrender...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smile with Me

 The bond now beyond doubt

shall I go on?..

bless this beatitude
common hours grow resplendence

smile with me...

the look in our eyes
sentiments feed the souls
naturally endearing
each blush filling the void
until there is 


no more...

such influence to my being
gently obsessive
are your enticement to me
my long-awaited prince charming...

within my exquisite dreams
quietly superb
where peaceful slumber
means streams of our candid romance...

how many times our glance...excite..?
the once dozing thirst
serenely...we stay

the extraordinary side of our existence
gilded upon wings of kindling hearts

tranquility - I found in your smiles...

shall I go on again?

How can I not Love You?

hours invisibly pass
through joyful hearts
within spellbinding moments
they linger...

exchanging passion
concur into smiles
occur into gazes
and flutter

past molded present
based on facts
for present modelled from past
how lasting can you
carry on, my lover..

fair cottonballs in the sky
go by the twinkle in my eyes
admiring you endless
over the blush of bliss
on my shimmer

i gaily shine
as my fervor
turns divine
my answer
a love poem
and sincere

with pleasure, shielded trust
realized our dreams
in every comfort
upon thousand hellos
celestial and clever

on the wings of destiny
that no wicked past
truly matter

you respect me in my darkness
love me at my worst
we are two souls
mending each others flaws
in all honesty...

How can i not love you?

Good Morning Sweetheart

I cherish the beauty...
the blessing of loving you

my lifelong sweetheart,
my devotion is my token...

within this stream of moments
our love paint the nub of time...

accepting the flaws of yesterdays 
calming the fears of tomorrows...

if I say I love you
I pray you feel my words...

open the doors of your heart
and rest mine there forever...

to be steadfast in love
I pray this will never end...

we perfectly harmonized
so pure that it feels so right...

at all times you hold me dear
you speak straight into my heart

and the laughters that you bring
a gentle fondle to my soul...

what is life without love...
such emptiness without you,

so long I have been a barren
none has wandered to care...

you came to hold my hand
and every morning is not the same...

you wake me with a gentle melody
in this journey to forever with you...

good morning my sweetheart
I love you.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

He said I love You to Me


The sun had me when it said hello...

No doubt...
everything turns out stunning
vivid pictures of us
gently filling the emptiness
we once had.

Just now...
yet another splendid canvass
has been added to fill the void

The minute I looked into your eyes
I knew
You were meant for me...

your gaze soothes my confused mind,
your smile brightens my clouded course,
your voice revives my tired spirit,
your ways pamper the woman in me...

You are the marvel
my essence has been seeking for so long,
to have and to hold for all time.

Paradise opened
and for an instance
I thought an angel spoke softly
when you said I love you Airyn.

My heart flutters...
beyond words...
my soul wants to utter...
but no words...

I was smacked in awe
with the endless pleasant feeling...
I was enthralled by the beauty of love

I, with profound perception
desire a man who challenges my strength,
who recognizes my courage,
who accepts and corrects my flaws...
in his most gentle manner.

Like those perfect works of art...
I've found you in the most unexpected instance...

We are two great artists
who pluck the strings of each others hearts
producing love songs
with lyrics composed from the intense feelings...
from the boundless desires...
intensified through best test years.

I am prepared by yesterdays,
sculpted in the midst of a quagmire...
to be your Babydoll...

You are molded by yesterdays,
carved with the first-rate skill of perfection...
to be my precious Sweetheart...

such rare pearls we found
amidst the counterfeited gems...

i don't mind
what we will endure,
now and forever...
I am yours.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Frayed Justice (A poem for Kainat Soomro)

In this ebbing world
how much courage
you'll need
to survive?
Our question
to the unknown
If by chance
you noticed her glance
will you digest the stress...
the despondency...
upon her cheeks they tarry...
perhaps, dust that filth in your eyes
that you might see
her scalded marrow...
the lasting torment of that instance...
her innocence stripped with mud
an unending asylum
where light is trapped
within tearing seconds...
her lifelong demons
eat her nerves
piece by piece
within that mental arena
without escape
they gang-raped
And after bleeding her wound
she was called
for the world to understand
"Black Virgin"
they labeled
Yes, they pushed her under,
from the delicate mortal
that she is...
for what account...
for what misdeed...
a sister?
a family?
a friend?
a suffering victim
fraying for justice,
praying for inner peace
What life is there to live
for such a shattered soul...
another call out to the unknown.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Sweetheart

My Sweetheart,
 take me to the pinnacle of your dreams...
 I'll transpose them into reality.
 when two destined souls
bump into their inevitable destiny...
 from despondency surged contentment
from vacuity grew inspiration
from loneliness came euphoria...
 the unyielding, sacred seams
of our hearts
locked the bygones
releasing fresh passage
of a poetical romance
the vacuous hearts we once had
we will fill with warmth
acquiescing bliss to often flow
inducing subtle goosebumps...awakening
for those who connect with our elysium...
 our gift, promising and resplendent
seducing every second to melt jocundly
to intensely poetized our soulful eyes,
felicity fires our lips without fail
for doting words to cling our fluttering hearts...
 to devotedly love endlessly,
to be with in suffering and serenity,
to hold hands in assurance and uncertainty...

for the destined souls,
dreams do come true.
 So, Sweetheart
 take me to pinnacle of your dreams...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cura Perpetuum

Burried in strenous chore
the hymn goes through my ears
with depleted mind
I sit...
Oh how your cheer took over
your words rich, devoted and appeasing
song slipping gently into my aroused heart
mid each dash of perfection stretch
from the curves of your lips
to console the weariness...cura perpetuum.
Overthrowing minor work
the rapport longing but sweet
with the serene reclining
you rub...
Oh how my eyes shut
smirking through each care of your silver words
on my yearning marrow they pour devoutly
quenching my common thirst
those words candid but thoughtful 
healing my very weak bits...cura perpetuum.
Rolling up my sleeves
important files on my desk
to the rented breathing spell
I give in... 
Cloaked in the dimness
I stretch my left foot on top of the other
sedative glide through my back
my head against interlocked fingers
savoring tender attention
burning bond locking souls...cura perpertuum.
Perceiving St. Michael's antidote
requiescence hightened per minute
with closing of my eyelids
I breathe...
Oh how minutes melt
when I think of you and whisper prose
entwining my heart with my airy soul
transmitting the beams of our zeal
lips moving to amusing curvature
until I breathe you inside me...cura perpetuum.
True, my cure forever
in common place tomorrow
my weariness
your gentleness
our momentousness
and treasured
with cura perpetuum.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Love Song

And suddenly,
you became the music
a love song...
To caress the woman
of my tender side
To soften the temper
of my strenuous moon
To paint the canvas
of my vast hollow
Your melody so gentle
courteous evermore
To rest for keeps
in beauteous memoria
Exuding creativity
from now kindred heart
My smile laced this minute
your lyrics transformed me
when suddenly
you became the music
My love song.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethereal Moments

How many times
has it been today?
A cascading pendulum
Countless smiles entangle
the untamed passion
within the feverish recesses
unfolding euphoric exaltation.
Words delicately woven
of intense and witty
coating the desire
to unite with yours, freely.
Cherished pearls of bounteous grandeur
formed in fair flare feelings
with symbiosis of space and time
the torrents of our yearnings.
The gifts of our sacrificial nature
birthing peculiar momentum
flushing all that was unclear
hearts flutter...continuum.
Moments such as this
polish pearls of celestial art
the sky parted in moving mantra
with our precious keepsake sweetheart.


Hello Happiness...
My hidden gift,
your naughty trick,
in distinct but
magical coloring
raring for affirmation.
Dip into me gently
in each pulsating muscle.
Quick, pump up the plasma
within my half-grown veins.
My almost
in a sweet pretense
of a squint.
Heart beat
in seconds
...bypassing entrapment...
Glance over me
See the desire
dripping on my lips
A voyage of discovery
with the lure of delight
rip my reservations
An exploding cocoon
reclining on the tick of second.
Come closer
I'm gonna bite you!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You Are My Beautiful Poetry

The promise of hope is pouring it's gifts,
their blessings astound my stillness keep
And i am smacked by questioning;
Willl I be guided
if things don't befall to plan?

The magnitude of pigments perform in my mind
and amidst that display,
I am knocked speechless
Yet speechless, beyond doubt I can denote
the naked poetic chemistry
in the excitement of our souls.

I smile into the calmness
The fairness takes it's toll
A love that is a bliss is granted to me,
Ardent wind lifts me high
But still I am speechless

For you to dance me to the moonlit's end
To scribe tender words on painted walls
Signs of our beatitudes
Pleasant songs of my contentment

Exhale in serenity
A pleasure so right on
Indeed, it's a blissful strife
in the battle of life
To have someone destined to own.

And if we'll be smacked by questioning;
Will we be guided
if things don't befall to plan?
That magical reality, life
is still full of rhythmic lines, regardless.

My Treasured Love

in the midst of our journey,
I'm certain to hear the giggling air
in compliance
to my beating heart

burst forth
promises to the beyond

But this chance is ours
for each hours
eternity is in our hands

Seasons consent to bear witness
the yearning of two damaged hearts

Bearer of once injured wings
ascend in unison

No haste
upon the brightness of our venturous
yet cautious course

One step at a time

They say
it's easy to fall in love
but to meet someone
who will catch you when you fall
is hard

Perchance, I'm a lucky girl

Within prickles and pleasures of life
the nymph found her satyr

My treasured love.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Rain

The rain softly hits the roof
So calm and peaceful
Yet when it picks up
It is unpleasant and blearing

Terrifying the girl inside me
All through the night

Although it is absurd

I'm hoping the moon turned on
In this dark room
I sense the air is wheezing
For it's company

The least thing I need
To fill this room

The sound of love songs.

So i know
That this endless

And left me spent
In a room where all symmetry
Begin to drown

In this bleak nightly course
I yearn to hold the fragile form of me
In utopian silence

At least before the rain
Begin to pour again
At dawn.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Small Potato's Offering

Lilies never welcomed me here
This jewel is for the first-rate
whose print paints compelling rainbows
of freedom, love, masterpiece, hate...

Concept is for the eventides,
who nobly sits on the mountain,
whose words embraced by the forest
to guide, to inspire, to sustain..

I am nobody at the edge
picking words fallen from the trees,
melting hours to form candied verse,
to the best might I could express.

Forgive me for taking this chance,
this one fickle finger of fate.
I'd like to tell you about greens,
how good they swayed and tuned to late...

how the nature stops evolving
for the flowering of a rose,
or spring daffodils by the pond
that spurs imagination for a prose.

And before this short chance shall wilt
like Queen of the Night in the mead
that turned to a plain, faint cactus
and lives hidden on the wearied beads.

Let me tell you about the greens,
the mystical blue butterfly,
just to inflict a little smile
and a drop of hope in your sigh.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Memories of our trip to Pattaya

Random laughter
along the wings
of the dawn's breeze.

And the real smiles
sweetened my day.

On the wall
there's Pattaya
gleaming calmly,
my espresso.

Ethereal calmness
fondles my heart
with this retreat.

And all you hear
are croak of frogs
meters away
and irrelevant.


Shepherd me not with your tricky melody
for your voice is contaminated.
It might inclined me to a path where
daggers daringly dances for me.
Never stirs my innermost room of peace
just to thunder it and leave, 
like a father despising his son.
Never roll your deceit upon my toes
and shatter the land where I stand.
Draw me not to your dusty self
and claim me as your righteous escape.
Never ever trap me and tear me
for I doesn't care anymore.
Look into my face and on my palms,
haven't you seen the traces of strife?
Mislead not the eye of my savvy soul
Just walk away and leave me please.
For the very mentioning of your name,
the firstborn of hell slowly eats my ease.

Chief Justice's To-Do list #1

Wind itched views to an imperious,
who grinned with evil intent.

She said: 'I'm eager to transform into cactus,
in the neck of the President.

My Muse

I cite the times I pined for you,
yet often they were manifold.

Through tides deep lost, I ached for flair,
yet never had I told.

The keepers of the peach desire,
feigned well-rehearsed that made me stray.

Yet catchier wings of subtle wind,
have kissed my eyes and showed my way.

I sense your brush as dawning peaks,
atop the fiery spire.

With firmness borne to kiss my dream...
I set my ink on fire!