Saturday, June 29, 2013

How can I not Love You?

hours invisibly pass
through joyful hearts
within spellbinding moments
they linger...

exchanging passion
concur into smiles
occur into gazes
and flutter

past molded present
based on facts
for present modelled from past
how lasting can you
carry on, my lover..

fair cottonballs in the sky
go by the twinkle in my eyes
admiring you endless
over the blush of bliss
on my shimmer

i gaily shine
as my fervor
turns divine
my answer
a love poem
and sincere

with pleasure, shielded trust
realized our dreams
in every comfort
upon thousand hellos
celestial and clever

on the wings of destiny
that no wicked past
truly matter

you respect me in my darkness
love me at my worst
we are two souls
mending each others flaws
in all honesty...

How can i not love you?

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