Sunday, February 6, 2011



is standing still
inspite of 
her rusting will

under the sun
she witnessed
the struggling soul
of her sons and daughters
whos tears
blend with the wine;
the official drink
of the sucking pigs...

is so thirsty to feel 
how it is to brew love
in her bruise heart...

the blustering wars
mold her torn limbs
and even she screams
no one listens...

walks in the wilderness alone
her children are busy
enchanting lethal doctrines,
blending beauty and lies
that sums up to...
C R I E S...

who dreams of dancing doves
flying on her anxieties-free skyline,
who loves to vision 
butterflies and stars,
and the living-filled flowing river of Nile...

...but she is troubled.

For at present
her children throw stones to one another,
burn cars,
hurt one another,
kill the peaceful things....
for HER ?

Tell me injured Egypt
Will the indomitable spirit of your children last?
(to stand for what they believe?)
Will they cut the knot of the awful past
(after their protest against the president)..
and move on 
for a better You,
for a better tomorrow?

You are sorrounded with eyes
that burn twice,sharper
than the burning flame
What a shame!(to them)

These eyes were the ones
who told the blind
to taste the sweet
of their rotting shits...
Who cares the smell?
because for the fans
it taste too well...

I know dear Egypt
You are dazed and confused,
lost in oblivion,
somewhere in the middle....
but i know
You will...


You will...

You will...

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