Friday, December 31, 2010

a love note to Stewart 4

A smile that radiates from my unwell face
is because of you Sweetheart.
Thank you for the times
when i felt like a scragged moss
on a painted rocks,
you were there
to give me a lot of reason
to get in touch with reality again.
In this waiting room
where temptations are everywhere,
you are my word,
you are my  light,
you are  everything I ever wanted.
And this something
I have given you
and you in turn took from me,
explodes and creates lovely levels
of undefined feelings within me.
At times like this when its hard to breath,
when fever weakens me,
I am so lucky to have you taking care of me.
Making sure that i won't feel like a jaded waste of food
but a precious pearl worthy to hold.
Your princess,
yes Sweetheart,
I am your princess
and with you..
because of you...
always i am grateful.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

a love note for Stewart 3

The tenderness in your kisses speaks such love.Something i look forward to the next day.To gaze into your eyes and melt in your arms are things that remind me how lovely is the world.My love,with you i've reach the unreachable.Living is worthy to live because I have your hand to hold,your face to caress and your heart and soul to embrace.My day is ever glowing when spending it with you,my night is always spellbinding when you're in it.See baby,nothing can stop happiness to reign my world all because of you...You and your eternal love.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a love note for Stewart 2

The birds freely fly
Doing some tricks and stunts
On the swaying leaves
Leveled to the rooftop
Of the archaic building
Here in the Chinese University

And slowly
In a single sigh
Of sadness
That the Mother Earth releases,
My heart pounds faster

I blink and suddenly
My world is covered with blankets
Thick rolling blankets of molten rocks
Thousands  of degrees of chaos
Woven from the mouth of his Highness

Crystal tears rolling down
Tracing my fiery cheeks
The clashing of two elements
On my angry face
Creates steam of deep thoughts

And I dial my sweetheart's number
Gently I inhale serenity within
My love,In the total darkness where
My eyes are of little use
He is the light that guides me through..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Banquet (Part 1)

Second by second
Step by step
Heartbeat by heartbeat
I enterd the door
And suddenly i was lost
In a world i haven't been before

Inch by inch
A smile from an unknown man
Turned into a warm smile
It welcomed me at the entrance
Of the Zetland Hall.

So unnbriddled were my feelings
And intensed was the turbulence
That set ablaze in my every nerves
Although it was three degrees that night.

I passed the table of ladies and gents
Drinking wines,laughing
Waiting for the others

I walked in silent feet
On the other side of the table

I never knew why my heart 
My stupid heart throbs odd that night
Making my feet froze in my shoes
Until I was invited to the light
And joined the ladies on the other table
The natural art of my essence flows normally
With every zip of white wine
Little by little i felt fine

Time creeps but even the word time itself,
I totally forgot 
As i indulged myself to the splendid,
gratifying conversations with Andrea
And with ever cordial and soft-spoken Julia
with a glass of wine...

And all my love burned
When in a glance I spotted him
Oh,but my all,the love of my life
Everything stopped except him smiling at me
And the rhapsodic song began to play

Introductions came but hey!
I forgot the names of some
After the roasting, melting hugs and kisses
From the love of my life

Hand in hand we entered the banquet hall
Oh! But heaven only knew the balls of  crystal bliss
Glistening at the tip of my brows.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a morning note for my Sweetheart

Ask what makes a lady like me love you the way i do?

It's in the effervescent laughs..
It's in the serene smiles...
It's in the satisfied breathing...
that i do
in those moments when i give you my heart
Sweetheart,you will find the answers there.

Haven't you noticed the rays 
beaming from the core of my eyes...
especially when i see you glow
and hear your merry hee-haw...

Every little thing that we do
like having a pizza at home
or eat in a classy restaurant...
Sweetheart,makes this young lady
loves an old man like you
Million times than you will ever know

And please don't get on your knees
to apologize the times that you had lived without me
for Sweetheart,i have a lifetime to tell you

You will never age in my eyes
and my heart will keep our love young.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Serenity resides in me
As your eyes sketch me in
the most dazzling scene
Glinting at the end of your eyebrows
And when your lips starts to depart
You made me feel beauteous
You called me name,Sweetheart
Slowly i melt in the glamorous,
Inviting pleasantries of your voice
Like no one ever could before
Somehow tide shows i did the apt choice
And I could ecstatically savor
How your love made all things low-key
Laying me in the terrain of tranquility.

For the Anchor of My Soul

I am remarkably gleaming in the dark

Holding this exquisite feeling,like my last attempt to soar believing,

Someone has finally decided to take

The flight to heaven with me

To see the repartee amidst darkness

And took me to a beatified walk into moonlight

Beyond the fences of our dreams we saw

A beautiful view,the moment our eyes meet.

For all the love

I thank you sweetheart

For the compelling feeling we have while facing the river

For my lengthy,black hair swaying in your breath

Every time you leaned forward and whisper in my ears "I love you"

For all the time you gaze at me and the moon lurch out

For the flame of passion you wrap around me

Every moment you made me feel it's valentines' day

My fresh dew,in the grass,for all seasons;

A flowing stream of stillness and calm;

My love,sometimes i can't believe you're real

God gave you to me to turn to

And you to need me to love

He handed me a handsome King

For me to gently put on my soft sweet wings

Everything took a turn for the better.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annex of Reverence

I think I am;
so in-love.
a glowing rose bud on a healthy stem.
Notice my existence.
Far beyond my radiance.
Is beautiful;magical.
Somewhere in the busy street not an ordinary lady
but,an exemplary love.
A love that cheers everyone around
in their  stygian and tumultuous times.
an explicit homo sapien.
benefactor of paradise.
the product of heavenly dreams.
A river of fidelity.

and sweetheart

All I have;
is happiness.
Enigmatic confidence.
by your fervent essence.

But am I really this inlove?
This shiny pearl from the shell
You gaze at me as.
A venus with the crown of stars.
Could this be substantive;
or is it a make-believe.
I am being held high.

Inside the Indian Restaurant:
At the loving table,we stare
to the future that awaits us
valuing gravity;
they save vitalizing me.

I believe 
I'm too passionate
So poetical,high blown
to notice the brittle aeons of mortals.
either intangible or virtual expo.
Sense my words
Explore my world
Floral chart and skilled sketch.

Utterly stunning
With all the pleasant adjective to state
And if the darts of vile words attack
none would stain my sweet ambrosia
as I am;
to the nth degree
in love.

And my entity:
is a 
glowing rose bud
on a healthy 
with redden petals.
You are air;
my breath
You are sun;
my light
eternal love.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

a love note to STEWART 1

I love you my love...for thousand times,for million times the clouds walk in the sky over night and over day.I love you in countless countless times.In times when time itself freezes when I look at your face as you smile(that gives me so much joy),in times when your breathe became mine,until time will bring me to my grave someday,the love i have for you will remain awake.Through ages,it will bloom on summer,on autumn,on winter through spring...Because it is what my love is...for you.Timeless.And as long as my heart feels the very gentle blow of oxygen:a kiss of your love's sincerity,in the vastness of nothingness,i will rise up as a burning phoenix.Glowing.In my eyes,you will remain the most handsome man with the heart that i would willingly kiss for its goodness.

Stewart, you will never age in my eyes because I LOVE YOU...I ADORE YOU.To my last embrace,to my last kiss and to my last breath,You will be the only one...for my eyes,your home.For all times you will be my love...