Monday, February 21, 2011

The Rosary with Me

On the path 
I used to walk
sapien's ebbing pilgrimage 
was my cottage ;
an asylum of 
ever-amplifying anthology
of bizarre nascency
with poets and poetesses
whom some iv'e learnt
to honour and cherish....

I have my Rosary with me.

Few spilled starless ink
coating hogwash
to a spindle canvass..
W R I T E R S ,
they were and still are;
the masochistic choreographers
petting the kickass tunes
of mind games
and reel heaven-borns....

my Rosary kept me safe.

Some poured psychedelic ink
an embodiment that cast 
lily-white lights to link
the mortal minds to the orb
They were and some are still are;
the observing composers 
of cultivated and cranial scores
molding constructive marks
on the molded minds...

blessed is the Rosary with me.

Rhapsodist and rhymesters
They were and some still are
a part of me and my Rosary...

When the furrows of my palms
lead  me to John,
smiles overshadow sorrows.
I can see a beatific landscapes
reflecting on the prism of my phalanges
heavenly images only seen 
on clement dreams....

behold the Rosary with me.

John taught and is still teaching me
to be the best that i can be
to aspire the divine happiness
to get closer to God 
by his own humble ways....

the way my Rosary has nurtured me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Love Note to Stewart 8

Bubbles floating 
surrounding my glowing face
I am swimming to the love 
you have given me
everywhere I see

The walls that surround me
are now falling down
failing to block
and drown
the happiness
brought by the sweetness
of your smile...

I woke up
and saw
the morning dews
contently placed on the leaves
of our blooming flowers,
I saw the reflection of you.

The light that peeps through the windows
reminds me of you,
of how you light my world...
my views...

The cats..(I know you're smiling now)
where or how 
they make me so happy
it is because of you...

Intimately,We are one
You are the one I want
and I am the one you need
Together,in silence,we speak
the language of love...

I believe We travelled far
and have reached the peak 
of tranquillity...

Baby,you guided me to a flight
where I forget the logic of space and time
where we fervently perched
on the clouds above the earth,
knowing...feeling...being ourselves.

No matter how far I'll travel today
what I am and what I'll be
my every single heartbeat
replaced by the other
throbs only You...
You as my home.

You see baby,
You are mine
and I am yours....

We are Fate.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Love Note to Stewart 7

The doubts that used
to hinder
the symmetry
that lies
in every stares
you gave to me
are now 

For now my dear
we decided 
to walk
the path of life
T O G E T H E R,
simple and clear...
content and secure...

The cold mornings
were no longer cold
but warm.

In your arms 
i heard  the sighs
with a touch
of pleasantness.
And in your eyes
reflect such

your heart
is now my eternal home;
the epitome
of my delirium...

With you,
I've painted
pleasing landscapes
of wonderment;
moments of love
the next...

colorful images
woven purely
to stay...

like now...
here I am
stumbling to the wall
to tell you...

my sweetheart...


Sunday, February 6, 2011



is standing still
inspite of 
her rusting will

under the sun
she witnessed
the struggling soul
of her sons and daughters
whos tears
blend with the wine;
the official drink
of the sucking pigs...

is so thirsty to feel 
how it is to brew love
in her bruise heart...

the blustering wars
mold her torn limbs
and even she screams
no one listens...

walks in the wilderness alone
her children are busy
enchanting lethal doctrines,
blending beauty and lies
that sums up to...
C R I E S...

who dreams of dancing doves
flying on her anxieties-free skyline,
who loves to vision 
butterflies and stars,
and the living-filled flowing river of Nile...

...but she is troubled.

For at present
her children throw stones to one another,
burn cars,
hurt one another,
kill the peaceful things....
for HER ?

Tell me injured Egypt
Will the indomitable spirit of your children last?
(to stand for what they believe?)
Will they cut the knot of the awful past
(after their protest against the president)..
and move on 
for a better You,
for a better tomorrow?

You are sorrounded with eyes
that burn twice,sharper
than the burning flame
What a shame!(to them)

These eyes were the ones
who told the blind
to taste the sweet
of their rotting shits...
Who cares the smell?
because for the fans
it taste too well...

I know dear Egypt
You are dazed and confused,
lost in oblivion,
somewhere in the middle....
but i know
You will...


You will...

You will...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something Serpentine

I glanced for the last time
at the ancient chinese pagoda;
the witness of all the laughters and tears
of my neighbors;
my fellow domestic workers,
and I felt that something serpentine...

A few footsteps on the right
parked the Mitsubishi;
my employer's car that I cleaned for three years...

Everything about it
was familiar
except that my stare was unusual...
and there came the vision of something serpentine...

then I pushed myself back home
I opened the gate with keys
I had used for three years

for the last time
I made my steps on the stairs
going to the first floor
and i stopped in front of the door

in an instant
that something serpentine
carried the three years of memories
I've spent on that place

and slowly (I know it's silly)...
tears started to form in my eyes

it took me a mountain of strength
to finally open the door
and there stood Sir
preparing to go to work

Yin and Ma'am were there as well
I wonder
if they were feeling that something serpentine
that kept on troubling me

I went to my room
with my empty backpack and luggage

each dress was hard to fold...
weighed heavy to put inside my suitcase

at past 4pm
when I had packed all my things
it was time to say  goodbye

I took my phone and dialed John
told him I was done packing
when I turned to Ma'am and handed over the phone
she talked to him ...

and said,"Take care of my girl"...
it crushed my heart..

when all the things had been said
Yin and Ma'am led me to the door
I gave my thanks and my final hug
with my luggage ready on the floor
full of unforgettable memories

as I made my way down the alley
I turned around
and what was used to be 
my house for three years
could no longer be seen 
by my clouded eyes

I made my last walk...
to another chapter of my life...
as a wife...

i gave my last look at the whole village
as I was moving away...
and I felt that something serpentine...

I whisper...