Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Midnights

Blessed were the times
the beam of sunlight
was swallowed by the dark night..
My heart utters
the mutual language with the air


Quite certain
this flight of life i've taken
will sink in the sands
of unknown souls.
The black tides of gloom
carried my thoughts to a place
where the moon was still as dry as a dust.
Those times were the times
i'm free from fancied smiles
free from award-winning scenes of fake people
Times i've peeled the mask
that hides the holes of my soul
Times that mixed and stirred
the rust and dust of my being
that nobody cares to accept but...
me and...


the hot liquid flows
like a spring from my eyes.


I was born to breath the air of inequity,
to listen to the sound of wrong,
to wear the badge of poverty,
to be a notch lower than all,
to speak "i'd rather.." than "i can",
to never want to be heared at all,
 to sit inside the four walled room,
to feel the warmth of the hot water
that flows down on my cheeks,
to remind me of the place where
im best suited ;
the crater of an angry volcano,
the gates of hell,
that Ive learned to embrace
without asking "whys"
like the smoke that keeps bouncing
on the dried leaves at night
the gears of my thinking were broken
in search for a bullet proof place
where each bullet of life
cant pierce my wounded heart again.


it was two o'clock in the morning
when bliss left my rayless world
the beauty that i once found
now swallowed best of darkness
over my brow and on my face
were drops of aching tears
an evidence of dewy days
i've lived and survived.
never was the sun had seen
my rosy cheeks all bloom
in a complete revolution of days
of the cruel years
for what ive heared in the morn
was completely different at night
in a change of wind's current
promisses were gone
leaving me empty
sitting while staring at the unknown
breathing,feeling the nothingness
until I refuse to think
I refuse to hear
I refuse to speak


Why my muddled mind mourn?
Please don't ask me....

Tonight I want to dive deep,

dig the intestines of the sea,

preserve myself inside the shell,

distant from tortuous thoughts of you.

far-off from sweet words you speak

oblivious to the pain behind those words..

that gave me sleepless nights.

Here next to my window

my dewy eyelashes meet,

letting the teardrops fall.

Such stitch i'm feeling!

Will I ever say "Goodbye"?

My flighty mind blurred

in a second 'All' went wrong.

Wish I never gave my All.

But I already did

and was taken for granted.

If my World has turned upside down,

please just walk away,

dont look back

and ask me why.

Friday, May 21, 2010

No More Knights

Out of the earth sprung the knights,
driving the chariots of peace.
They smiled in the morning
and laugh to-night;
a soul-breathing songs.
To seek pleasure
in vengeance and hate,
to serve a plat du jour of shit,
never was their dream.
They move with passion
and speak so gentle;
a paradise still on earth.
What a region of dream
and course of such!
Winter frost their blood.
As dry as dust
They exist no more.


The sound of her tears
toned down as hours went.
The only blairing noise left
was the bizaare beating of her heart.

A quantum of prick bleeds
in every inhale she takes;
Remiscing the precious times
She was cherished and respected.

Without a single spect of light
Her weary eyes were covered with mist,
shut in a moment-opened-and closed again,
trying to disparage the pain within.

In a moment,helpless was she;
wounded by the wild wind of detachment.
Her courage and self-worth were gone.
They left her there alone.

Atop her bed with an empty string;
tied to her bloodless hand.
She tried to catch herself back,
but it was gone...with time.


Before the dayless day ends,
Knee-deep water rescue me,
Cool down my feet
that I may kick the moon
and smite the lonesome cloud
to hurl its tears tonight.
Where are the bonzai trees
atop the homemade bamboo bench?
Did the unmeant genial insults
solidify their fresh breath
and frost them in their dreams?
The frangible white and red roses,
that took most of the luxury,
encircling your serene place,
coarsely drunk to sun's rays;
perhaps not placed on best angles.
Oh man-made waterfalls
on my wonder-filled garden,
the muddy sky went out of focus
and everything now turns pale.
Why does "great matters" battered?


When your evening falls,
turning round the praises
to vile words and hates.
And the quite moon
leads your sleepless thoughts,
wandering to the mute sky;
Close your tired eyes
and hear the soothing sound
of your heart's strings,
as my love pluck them tenderly.
Feel the gentle touch
of the warm air
that carries my kisses,
my sweet embraces
and blazing words:
my undying love for you.
I speak not bout "oneness"
or the usual "entertwined".
"Security" is what we found
amidst the spectrum of lies.
Assurance stood hard by,
For an instant,You and I
and our love like no other
creates some "aha!" moments
at times when our world freezes
our feelings ignite like stars,
melting each burdens to end
each nights with "I Love You"

When Two Of Us Apart

When winter came and

went―and came
without you
each morn of mine
breaks with rain drops.
The burning sun
that used to shine
my summer's morn
will be hanging blind,
rayless,and the
lively earth
will loose its glow,
chilling on its axis.
What mine is but
a love so deep
cast from a sapphire sea
of precious pearls.
But dear,oh well
if you leave me here
pathless and crack under
the dull sky.
Expect my love
each morn of mine
will bath in rain drops
when winter came and
went―and came
without you.

When All That Matters Is You And Me

To love as deep
as a deeper shade
of dreamless nights
I wont.
For to love you dear
as free as air
to hold you tight
I will
under the brilliance
of the smilling sun.
To gaze fondly
on the days that passed
and our laughters
that filled its minutes.
Perfect moments
of you and me.
From out the waves
of hatred and pain
our love rises
in sparkling showers,
watering our hearts
to slip away
from whispering tongues
that push our love
to the deeper shade
of dreamless nights.

To Him Whom I Love

words aint enough to paint
the twinge we had lately;
the hours we cried on the line
exchanging "whys" and "wishes",
our longings that no one could understand
except us and the love we have.
tonight,I'm reminiscing our moments;
how we battled the storms,
overcome hardships for our hearts,
our laughters that fills our world,
in between our "I Love You's"
and sweet and steamy kisses.
holding this heart that beats for you
I can hear your voice now,
it was like when you're talking to me,
the day you start to travel,
alone and away from home.
can you recall my worries and fears?
with eyes half closed,
in an eight degress winter night,
i think of you before me..
before i'll realize I need to write..
or to study and get some sleep,
before I realize...i'm thinking of you again.
tonight and the coming nights,
the atmosphere may change,
the stressful pressures may increase,
i may have lesser time to sleep
but expect my love,each beat of my heart
speaks the wonders of love - YOU.

The Upcoming Winter's Fight

Yet another rayless noon,
birds scaterring on my stomach
and all the worst fears
mingled in my eyes.

Out in front of carnivals,
tomorrow,you'll have a fight
against a freckled rock.

While i'm fighting the war
over electrodes of worries...

until the hills are darkening
and rolled-over waters
drowned my eyelids...

visioning you lying in bed,
slapping time to move fast
and cure your swollen body...

for you to breath calmly
under the shining clouds
the next refreshing day.

Sometimes it's strange
how waterproof nightmares
circles the stems of courage...

stinking the air we breath....

maybe...that's life.

My Home

I owned an attractive home
Constructed from a perfect blue print
But was damaged
By emotional experimenting
As i choose to walk through
My rocky roads of..
Accepting and receiving love,
Expelling the unhandled pain,
Identifying love and discomfort..
Solid foundations of myself..
I failed..

Kicked my heart out To the dark forest
Where my principles towards sufferings
Fight with my rules of conduct
Thoughts,feelings and memories
Arises my emotional pain
While the present gives me strenght..
Emotional and spiritual ripening
Are paralyzed by fears and pride
Trap me to a hole of..
Diffused sense of identity..
Until i saw the light..
That guides me to the road..
A detour to love..
Enlightens my mind,heart and soul
To love myself more..
That my home will be firmly build..
By me..with constant practice
Afterall..i am the steward..
Responsible to protect and beautify..
My home

Still Waters On Shallow River

Still waters on shallow river
Do you still recall
the precious moments of my childhood,
Wonderful memories of me
Enjoying the richness
and the beauty that you hold?
In my mind there’s you
and the thought of us
Serenely sweet express
As your crystal clear water
Runs with gentle waves
Reflecting the calm sun
That shed its tender light
To the dancing bamboo trees
At the back of my image.
Dear still waters on shallow river
Where’s my cheek and brow now
The sun still hanging in the sky
At the back of me
And bamboo trees sways freely
But you’re blind as a bat to see us now
Tainted and deaf as a post

A Single Thread : Poetry

Calm was the sky
that contained clouds of white
like cotton balls joined
creating different shapes
tracing each other's currents
on those calm,still days.
In secret we sang
silly songs of our hearts.
We laughed and we cried
on every poetry shared.
How our souls entwined?
Too deeply to tell.

Now gone were those days
so warm with our smile.
In silence,words lost its fire.
Our dwelling place is freezing.
And not even a Sun's whisper
can burn its icy cocoon.

And to think those still days
wasn't dead as a dornail.
It only awaits for our souls to cling.
Why dont we sing together
with the love that binds us,
A single thread: POETRY.


My face glint
with confidence
at morn's birth,
bathing to the rays
of the Father Sun,
upon visioning you
having a deep sleep
on my tranquil core.
In between the sunrise and sunset
the weather change
and night after night
the wind gets colder.
As i breath the chilly air
of the disintegrated east
to the sway of the pendulum,
you rise and burn.
Not the embrace of angels
can stop you from ascending
when the blood is boiling
and rushing through my veins.
I can't hold you still
when you want to dwell
in a fatal nature
from rocks to rocks
beating my anger
to burst once more.
It's another ebony morn
without the day itself
when my mountain of temper
is out of control.

My Wild Stallion

Below the cliffs
stands my wild stallion
Bathed in sweat
Full of fire.
I come to listen
and not to pry
to his shrill scream.
I dig it deeper
He starts to melt down
by bullets of his drunken shadow.
I wail his wounds
and cast my tears
on the cliff walls,
hold him tight
and dance beneath the razors
of life's giant waves.
Out of the teary eyes
emerge his handsome smile
the moment we reach
the lavender fields.

Flight With Eagles

Fear not the thunder
that traces lines
under the wild sky
or the deathly shadow
of the hungry Hyena.
I tell thee,be strong.
If thep ruinous pride kindled,
stoop over and whisper
to your cureless wound,
deface not the walls of your dreams.
Let thy spirit flight
with a convocation of eagles
underneath the lightnings intersection.
Truly,nights are worst than days.
Im sleepless silence
please stand still my love,
because no matter how deep
is the darkness of the night
that sullenly chewed the cocoon
of your desires
my love will guide you,
burning constantly
at night,in the wind and the rain.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Not a single star
goes noticed
when our words are caught
in the passion's flame.
Not a gentle rain
will dare ruin
the sublime feeling
when you speak my name,
with tender heart,
in the calm wind.
Perfect moments
I hold so dear
I often imagine
under the calm
of the night sky.
As i close my eyes
and speaks your name too
the moon smiles.
When our souls entwined
two hearts collide
once devided by miles
now beat as one.
Everytime we speak our names
love flows unending
as constant as the spring.

The Crouching Eagle

Under the clouds

The mob set fire
move to the beat
of a broken drum
And street-corners
The fractured homes
Torned by the wind
on winters end
Some dead leaves fall
and bite the dust
Digging their tomb
as years gone past
Few wear their mask
to dodge the truth
Some washed their hands
to save their tooth.
I saw this all
around the clock
And tried to snap
or twist my back.
A trick of thought
of deceitful hell.
Contort me not!
This couching eagle
will stand once more
wings healed,reveal
now watch me soar.


Today,as the pendulum swings.....
The earth orbits the sun.....
Corals are still beautiful.....
Breakwaters are still strong.....
Its a lovely day to sail.....
And watch the wind turbines do their task......
Across the miles.

Tonight,as the pendulum swings.....
The earth still orbits the sun.....
Stars twinkle at the silent sky.....
Sirius stands out and catches my attention.....
The moon was half covered with clouds.....
Its a lovely night to sit on the grass.....
And fill my mind with thoughts of you.

Tomorrow,as the pendulum swings.....
The earth orbits the sun.....
When the butterflies sway in my garden.....
Colorful roses and orchids bloom.....
The mango fruits are ready to harvest.....
Its a lovely day to smile.....
And start my life,with you.

Para sa Pinakamamahal Ko


I was a shadow

Before you came

Afraid of the light

Living in the darkness

Wounded by love

And a playful destiny

A dying rose

On a corner

Imprisoned in sadness,

Anger and pain.


You were a wind

before you met me

Impris0ned in pain and longing

A wounded warrior

afraid to trust

Your heart cried

in thirst for love

Yet chose solitude

to hide the pain

Carried by every tear

that flows unending

Everytime you lie down

in the saddest of lonely nights

And every breath you take

tortures your heart.


There is nothing greater

than our joy,my love

When we discover

The purity of love

I'm no longer living in the darkness

And your thirst for love

is quenched at last

Everyday it seems

Our worlds connect

Though we're apart

It's not a hindrance

To love you

And you to love me

Until forever.

My Love For You

If the love is pure

wish there'll be no end

The sweetness that it brings

an incomparable joy

If fate will never forget

to put an end

to our happiness

i'll walk the path to forever

in love with you.

Even in the pricky path

i'll dare to walk

If it's the only way

to get to you

Nomatter how many times

you keep hurting me

I wont dare

to turn away

I would sing a song

many times as I could

until that song

will be yours too

If it takes many seas to swim

To feel your fingertips

caressing my face,

I will gladly do

And not only my life

or my love that i'll give

to prove my sincerity.

More and beyond that

my love,I can offer you

The Son Of War

What future awaits

to this verdant boy,

a son of war?

Who will serve

as his strength

if at this moment

his father shed blood?

Who will light

his stoney path

if his mother catches

fireflies at noon,

spitting saliva

at the passers by

on the sidewalk?

If tomorrow comes

and you'll see him

marching with rifles

as if an expert

of killings and war

but never did once

pull the trigger,

don't be shock bro.

It was his fate

to make you feel

how tiresome it is

to gamble and fall

until the dawn breaks

on a bestfriend's wake

When The Wind Broke It's Wings

When the wind broke its wings
In the silent night
Tears bounced in whirling dust of broken flight
Another wave of hungry blood rushing,
Determined to kill;
Chasing the breath of the fleeing
War stands still.

A father carved his son's name
With his home made grenade
On stones burning with flame.
As long as pride is uplifted,
On the barracks and fences
Fame is what matters most:
Not the son's anguish
Nor brotherhood lost.

Under the roof of life Ashes embers in silence,
While one leafless wife,
Swims in burning red moment.
If she could swallow herself In a second or two,
Will history repeats itself?
 Would his brother kill his son too?

My Turbocharger

There's no glimpse of light
on this smoky morning.
I'm chilling on my room
with paper and pen
letting my mind ride
on the wings of the wind
to explore the world
i created for you and me.
Not a cast of hawks
can bend the direction
or angle of my journey
towards our paradise.
Do i sound like crazy now?
Forgive me my love
But a thought of you
fueled my spirit
to give my best each day
and fight the sharp claws of the wind
for me to hold my brightest star.

His Absence

While the wind
never stops stroking
 my long black hair
my mind never stops thinking
 if where you are
or are you alright
on this winter night.
It's been many times
the hands of clock
 revolves 360 degrees
 and still here i am
painting wonderful pictures
of you and me.
Sweet juicy dreams
of a heart's in love and
then i begin to miss you.
If the sun passes by
and hides behind the mountains
without me hearing your words
 tonight my dear
 the brightness of the moon
surrenders to the dark clouds
and there's nothing i could do
 but to close my eyes
and command the wind
 to send to you
my steadfast love.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Mine Is There Tommorrow

Will mine be a palace
After ten years or more
Or a simple tent of sacks,
A cold and dusty floor.
Is mine a word to follow
Where trees bow down to me
Or just a bunch of haters
Sorrounds me everyday.
Am I a scented candle
That calms a tired mind
Or a hazardous sulfur
That treats you so unkind.
Am I a brave soldier
When thunder fell by night
Or just a lame on the sidewalk
Always a parasite.
What mine is there tomorrow
This old cart tied me here
A no read no write lil boy
Born to please mom with a beer.

Ice Cream

Its ice melts there
upon its cone
so tempting
Turns me on
My eyes slide down
under its spell
and bulged
Eager to fell.
To lust as hot
as burning fire
with the fidelity
of the heart's desire.
To never grieve
but crave for more
it serves as key
when my heart sores.

Remember The Rain

Remember the rain when you think of me,
Walking away in an empty land;
Where dreams slips through my hand,
And darkness is left to see.
Remember the rain at your bended knee
You speak a word without a stand
Words that are withered like the sand
Thoughts restless inside of thee.
So if you forget me in a while
And when the rain comes,dont cry;
For if your tons of lies fly
You will be dead in fool's sea,
Better breath life back into the night
And keep lies running in your veins.

To My Parents

I will love you with all my heart
Greater than life,more than words
My soul sings your goodness
Your wisdom runs through my veins
If time will come that you cant walk
I will be by your side as your guide
The way you guided me when i start walking.
If time will come that you cant speak
I will do my best to understand you
The way you understand me when i start to speak.
If time will come that you cant see
I will be your light to lead your way
The way you lead me till i stand on my own feet.
You may look so simple in every way
But you two wrap me with love and understanding
Behind that simplicity is a fountain of great words
That molded me to a better person that i am today
I am so honoured,so proud,so bless
To have you and call you
My parents.


Underneath the cryin clouds
Is a woman tarnish with pain
A sweven swear gone east
Carried by tainted air
Indign of a little smile
Born to hide and cry
Always left behind
To hear farewells and goodbyes
No matter how she try
To say all is alright
Her eyes reflects sorrow
And this and more i can see
In the woman's eyes..
That belongs to me.

Fading Away

Fading away
Like the night to day
I dance to the shade
Of my agony
Oh what have i done?
Heaven please answer me..
Im down on my knees
Begging for mercy
Oh God i cant bare the pain
Hear my cries,i plead..
Show me the light,show me the way
Hold my hand, Lord please dont let me go
My feet are cold but most the sadness
That runs through my blood
Torturing my heart every coldest night
Lord,im fading away..
Away from the people i love..
Away from the things i need..
Away from the world that abandoned me,
Forsaken me,denied me
For i have nothing to give,to share..
With silent screams..
And the lights from my sparkling tears
I walk away..
Fading away..

The Useless Air

Another lonely night
Staring at the stars
Wishing and hoping
That i would be gone
Where i can no longer see myself..
In an empty space
Sometimes I wonder..
Why I'm still alive
When all I'm feeling is..
After I gave my all..
I'm still..the useless air.

Black Pearls

Cold wind
Thrill the panes
Of my terra-cotta worold
Wakes me up
In my deep sleep
Blows me
To the river of my life
Shows me
The crystal water
Reflecting the image of me
A woman
Of no one,
A nobody's girl
Catching the pearls falling down my eyes
Undervoicing this swant pain
Where the kindling coupling-vow
Is gone with the wind
In the middle of the dark clouds
I saw myself again..
Breathing the cold air..
As my eyes
Never stop
Black Pearls.


My heart carries burning flame endlessly,
that grows more in every pump it takes,
supplies blood that contains you
in my system,that makes
me move and alive each day.
You penetrates my flesh,then soon
enters and captivates my brain,
stick and stuck in my bones,
reigns and runs in my veins.
My entire world starts to quiver
each time you touches my lungs.
I breathe You, my cold and warm air,
and the freshness and sweetness of your tongue,
as the fire of love burns passionately.
My universe lights up and turns upside down,
everytime You get inside me.
Every move you made turns me on,
makes me sigh,smile and shout
that three letter word YOU.

Wavelenght Of Love

Walking in the same wavelength with you,
An eye-catching everlasting love evolve,
Emerging from the dashing,dazzling dimples,
Of powerful,prow pull-heart play
I quail at the thought of distraught
But your dulcet words leaves me mute,
Flying fortuitously,filling our fluoridate world
We explore,singing,soaring to the sangfroid clouds
Indulging the mirthfulness of munificent moon
Loving the life-loyalties look in our laughs,
So powerful that paints picturesque pikake
Our unity unfolds the untold origin of undying,
Magical,marvelous mainstream feelings of men
Perpetuating proxies of pretentious prawns
Their slander slacken to slumber.
The perfect friction I've made that day
Was in best angle,rejection and motion
The intersection,interjection was intelligently interlock
Me and You became one in heart and soul,
Yes,You and me perfectly bind,flowing,burning in perfect angle..
In the wavelength of love.

Your Voice

wake up to the sound of your voice,
Calling my name
That echoes on the rocky mountain..
In this stormy morning..
I close my eyes again..
Not to sleep but to savour the sweetness of your words,
The calmness in your voice,
That gently touches my heart,
Oh how lovely it is,
To wake up each morning,
With your sweet voice that kisses my soul,
I couldnt ask for more,
As long as i have you with me,
Im happy.

Untitled 2

Holding my pocket-sized magnetic chessboard
I comfortably sit beside my window
Enjoying the felicitous rain drops
I close my eyes and think of you

Then I smile...

When I open my eyes its night time
Scintillating laughters of the waves hypnotize me
As the wind ride on it towards the seashore
That turns the sands faces into shocking pink.

Then I smile...

I wonder what a rill will feel
When it flows downhill and joins another rill
And how many cubic meters of water jumps in joy as it touches the lips of the ocean.
Then I smile...

And think..
Will You and Me fell the same way?
Will our faces turns into shocking pink,
And our hearts will jump in joy,
For the first time that your lips touches mine?

Then I smile..

And i begin to wonder..