Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Man In Nike T-Shirt

i am here near the road
on the bench facing the sea
where people usually go
to spend their holiday.
i pick a small stone and throw
just like i used before
i close my eyes and there i go
the dark room of my life.
i was on my way then
to school , its where I'll go
i used to walk with myself when
somebody comes along.
he wears white Nike t-shirt
with pants and rubber shoes
he's 5'11" tall in height
something that caught my sight.
that meeting leads to love
and love to emptiness
kills so much dreams and hopes
'till i caught myself in wilderness.
what I've done caused damages
to my family,friends and love ones
i failed them i know i guess
i hurt them one by one .
as the bell in church rang
i was there kneeling,praying
with few choir people sang
the saddest song I've heard.
i left the church with tears
and walk back to my Calvary
where my future is vague
and happiness is so far away.
this man in Nike t-shirt
with pants and rubber shoes
let me taste life's Calvary
but never dare say sorry.
i look at the broken pieces
of my life from a distance
what used to be the princess
became a maid in a glance.
my phone rang and that's when
i go back to reality
i stand up and walk along
with my painful memory.
i sigh as the wind blow
and put on my cardigan
walking the pain that i felt
hoping soon it'll be gone.

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