Sunday, May 16, 2010


Nigh the radiant sun
Swaying with floriferous clouds
Fortuitous to dance with the sparrow
She is the dragon lady
Smiling to the jocose wind
Holding a yauld,floriated heart
Enjoying the pull-heart play
Of the courageous dragon
In the tilt of the earth's axis
She was covered with his unctous,
Dulcet words that flows from the spring
Of his undying love for her
An exempligratia of wonderment
Of how two strings of hearts attached
To create electric shocks
A magical thing mysteriously created
By he who smiles on all
That covers the dragon and the lady
From fly ash,wolves and tigers
For them to rise with sweet moans,sweeter smiles
Each day in the golden tent
A paradise glowing in their eyes
Them burning in love
Incomparible with anything in this world
Two souls melt to form
A wonderful and sparkling FOREVERMORE

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