Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Do

What else does love has in store for me?
And the wonders it brings?
So weak is my imagination
And the words i have learned,
To describe the joy im feeling
In loving you.
Inside this empty room
The only light that comes from my bedside
Was taken away by your shadow
I smile and i draw your face in my mind
I caught myself trapped in its perfection.
Im lost in the magic of love.
Upon smelling the sweet scent of your love,
I enter the core of your soul,
I am aware of your smiles
And the sorrows in your eyes
As i let you enter in mine too,
Then we discover the mystery of love.
Across the miles you guide me,
As the burning flame in my heart and in my mind
In the silence of the night im floating,
In the lovely song that keeps playing in my ears
Just thinking our laughters shared makes me weak
Underneath the shadow of love.
So if your laughter turns to tears,
Without hearing my voice for an hour,
Cheer up my love,speak up your mind
Because from the distance "I do",
My love,want to hold you,
From the brightness of the day,
Through the coldest night,
In the stormy hours of your life,
With God as my witness.."I Do",
Love you beyond limits.

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