Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paper To Pen

(Soft seductive voice)-"come closer"

Let your tip touch me

With all the passion in every stroke

Defang a lover lost in the hotness of love's fire

Satisfy me...line to line touch me with your burning ink

And as you stroke my clean pages,

The straight lines and vanilla spaces

At the tilt of your tips...

You leave me breathless

Like a babe in the woods im in awe

I shiver...struggling for air

Upon smelling the scent of your...

Like no other,beyond compare

Kicking Fujitsu useless to side..

When you and me collide..

In words,yes words that interlock

Our tomorrows and forevermore

Deep down inside us we know

Our last drop of sanity,

Left its dwelling place

The moment you touch me.

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