Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dreamland Of Fantasy Love

Staying away from falsity of human's tongue
I build a world of my own
Under the crescent protective moon
Away from fallacious malevolent eyes
Malicious numskull high-muck-a-muck
Withered the palisade of my tenacious pride
Finding some place to cure my puffy heart
I follow the hiss of the wind
Tracing the sanguine path towards peace
I drop my sword and fall
Look up to the azure sky
And kick away my inner ululation
Then you came to me by surprise
Wearing a radiant smile of calmness
You lead me to paradise of happiness
Sorrounded with flowers and fruit bearing trees
Now im breathing the air of serenity
And enjoying the beauty of the earth
Everytime i close my eyes
And enter the dreamland of fantasy love
Which i lovingly created
For you,my knight and me.

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