Thursday, May 20, 2010

Para sa Pinakamamahal Ko


I was a shadow

Before you came

Afraid of the light

Living in the darkness

Wounded by love

And a playful destiny

A dying rose

On a corner

Imprisoned in sadness,

Anger and pain.


You were a wind

before you met me

Impris0ned in pain and longing

A wounded warrior

afraid to trust

Your heart cried

in thirst for love

Yet chose solitude

to hide the pain

Carried by every tear

that flows unending

Everytime you lie down

in the saddest of lonely nights

And every breath you take

tortures your heart.


There is nothing greater

than our joy,my love

When we discover

The purity of love

I'm no longer living in the darkness

And your thirst for love

is quenched at last

Everyday it seems

Our worlds connect

Though we're apart

It's not a hindrance

To love you

And you to love me

Until forever.

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