Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Abused

Inspired by the stories of the  abused Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong 

The glistening sunrays offer hope 
newborn sighs seek shelter 
the day has come, a break, 
a slumber without disorder

Weakness begins to melt down her spine
to think that today she is free
she distanced her thoughts away from work  
and let their strands flow randomly
if only...

Now is the time to consign to oblivion 
the abuses marred deeply in her soul
scathing words like trash and moron 
for today she can forget them all

But the moment her eyelids clasped
dimness invites haunting pictures 
the rebirth of restlessness and fear 
the seeds of sneaky vultures
if only...

As the day stretched longer a droplet flows 
followed by many in aching fertility  
a hundred dollars left in a pocket
the rest sent to baby for surgery

A smile from a stranger nearby 
deeply penetrates the core of her soul 
the tender warmth of rays shed hope
as friendships bloom amidst the foul 

The day cloaked her with new hope 
in several forms to keep on  
weary eye induced hot droplets no more 
a gentle token of inspiration

The stranger shared the same story 
pages to pages of ink overused 
mind numbing, heart fluttering 
they are much the same -  the abused.