Sunday, May 16, 2010

To The Man I Love

What goodness have i done to get this price?
An endless joy of loving you,
Words flowing from my heart
That begins from the dephts of my soul
I offer all to you, From the time you wake up,
i wrap you with my love
Until the time you close your eyes,
i lay you in the sweetness of my love
Haven't you hear my voice at night?
Calling your name,yearning to hold you in my arms
My ways are so simple,
yet nothing can burn the pureness,
The beauty of each words,
each moves that i do
All comes from the endless fountain of my love,
Flowing only for you,
A love founded from trust and respect..
Twisting my path from brokenness towards the road,
A road leading to paradise
Where our dreams and hopes meet
Nothing or no one can break the promise that i made to you
From the first kiss of the morning dew to the rose petals
Until my eyelids meet at night
You are always in my mind,
And my heart never stops singing,
Your name over and over again.

1 comment:

  1. You've moments out there that are really movin'... truly comes from the heart... I enjoyed the read!

    Good day!