Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heaven is Yours to Touch ( For Yvonne)

Before we stretch our minds
to the structure of the river
and the curves of the hill,
We follow the path of the light rays;
From the words of our parents,
The teachings of our aunt from the bible.

As little angels,we dream to fly
Where we can lay down in peace
and grow in joy and contentment.

Like a seed,you grow up to be a healthy flower,
Nourished with great love and care
Like a princess,you were never exposed to the hardships of life,
Shielded by the best we can offer you
You are like a sun in our family
Bursting your light to honour our parents and auntie.
I beg the stars to never let you
Even step on one of my foot prints
To never taste the banquet of my solitude
To never let you sink fatally lesser than the rest.
Ignite your mind sister and start to soar
Heaven is yours to touch now.

No doubt sweet bliss resides in me!
When I will witness that touching scene:
You,offering your diploma to our parents,
Something I failed to do.

Oh master of Thunder and Lightning,
will you get angry at me if i'll take over
and rolled the clouds in heaven
to proudly paint my Sister's name?