Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ode to Filipino Mediamen

Words are Thy swords

with hopes, fears and dreams

to enter the battlefields

of the tainted world

and deliver the truth

to every man's eyes.

In the rushing wave

of reality and flame

you gathered your strength

from the "words-of-truth",

buried deep within your soul,

to be your Land's tongue.

Awake are Thy senses

for the awards in store

and on the opposite shore

is the land of honorable death.

Sill your passion kindled

for freedom and fair speech.

Not the angry Mayon Volcano

knock'd your head down

to light your nation.

No hours gone to waste

as you battled the storms

and cast your voice to the stones.

Yet when the envying light

strikes you with its merciless beam

and Fate drags you down

six feet below the ground,

your wind-worn battles will be gone

but your words lives on and on.

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