Monday, June 14, 2010

A Love Letter to John 5

LOST IN YOUR EYES Under the hidden roof of the night I think of you, The moment that you start to speak my name, Or the smiles that brings me to beautiful lanes of sleep. I try to fight this feeling like a broken-winged eagle against the wind I fall fight the strong force that pushes me. Those eyes that burns with great passion Captivate me to sway with the wind I am entangled,trapped,in a unique obsession Willingly,not merely under orders. Those eyes that destined to shine for me Takes out my heart from the lake of sadness Makes my kness loss its control Stop to walk,smile and stare... I know this feeling isn't a lie The moment i gaze at you The flame of desire burns inside me Wanting to hug you tight, And sprinkle sweet words in between the meeting of our lips... Oh God! im out of control Everytime you lovingly look at me I melt to the sweetness that it brings Lifts me to a place where angels sing a song of eternity And only you that exist..and those eyes.. That leaves me breathless,speechless... Do you feel it my love, Everytime u glance my way Im so happy Can you see how u fill the emptiness in me? At last i found Paradise For the first time...the moment im lost in your eyes.

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