Monday, June 14, 2010

A Love Letter to John 7 (poem)

Under the Naked Moon     And the naked moon witnessed the inter-locking of our hearts...   It wasn't long ago the day you came to me. You healed my swoolen heart and moistened my cracked lips. I've spoken words i've thought i'll only say in dreams.   Over the dry and dark land, you once lived there in tears. Time sunk me on your lap to awaken your freezing hips. In quick hot wave you fell upon the burning stream of love.   Wind wistled as we giggle with eyes closed,opened-shut again. As your heart started to wrap mine, i've lost my innocence. Not a flood of rain stopped our boiling desires within.   I grasped for air in a moment, shivered in pleasure as hours went. Your tongue licked my gold tears As I kissed back to erase your pains. Together,we journey to forever, battled and survived the storms.   ...with the naked moon as the witness in the inter-locking of our hearts.

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