Monday, June 14, 2010

A Love Letter to John 6 (poem)

MY VALENTINE   I woke in silence with a heart that beats unlike yesterday. Methought i felt each step i take I'm tiptoeing on the clouds. The picture of you casting a look on me weakens my defences. And though you've said You will follow my commands But Dear,in a glance, Your burning glance at me, So steamy,sweet and lustful, Melts my knees like a candy on a childs' mouth. My dim eyes lit aglow remeniscing your tender kiss, your soft lips touches mine each moves creates waves a tidal waves of emotions where every breath-a pause creates an earth shaking sensation, a bursting of desires - a heart-quake!   The rain keeps falling outside still i lay,dreaming on my bed chained to the constant fire of love we both discovered.   In beauty,in treasure of day My love,my life,my gift you lay me on lavender fields.  

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