Friday, June 11, 2010

Her Father is a Monster

He holds her tight,like a beast
Of hungry sea and angry skies;
And all the worries of the east
Collide in her senses and her eyes;
Thus the moon light screams the loudest
Which sky's ear intently denies.

One jab the more she refuses his kiss
Had broken the bones of her waist
Where the pain kills her every sense
Until he freely pull her undies;
A scary thought violently expressed
How painful,he did it with ease.

And on that floor beside her sister
That silently sleeps,innocent of the scene
The silent cries,the painful tears
Tell how hard she struggles within
Her hymen broken by her father's
Badness luminous as a grapeskin.

He moves on top of her like a tiger
Unfed,starving for some meat
As she stares at him she saw a monster
Such respect and love turn to hate
And before the day wakes by the crows of roosters,
He crawled back to her mother's bed,in sweat.

1 comment:

  1. There should be a place with only and entry door, no exit for all those who betray trust and instead of caring abuse.