Friday, June 4, 2010

The Farmer's Life

Before the ray of the morning light
kisses the dew on the leaves,
he's awake. A labourer of delight.
Master of the land, the caves
and the fishponds that might
fill your eyes with wonderment,
that lifts you to paradise in a sight.
He's farmer, a knight.

He plows the field with his carabao
with hands as hard as steel.
Feed his children with milk from cows
and honey from the beehives that still
hang on a huge tree of his in-laws.
Picks the dead leaves and grass that kills
the captivating beauty of his roses;
a perfect present for his wife at sunset.

When the sun hides behind the mountains
he brings his carabao to the river
ties it's rope on a big stone and lets it swim
for an hour, as ants wrestle on his shoulder.
He goes back to the goats, ducks and chickens
A mixture of unexplained smell rustling over
the land, as he checks on his pig pen.

When all things are clean and clear
he returns home with a handsome grin.
Children waiting with a loving smile
and a sweet hugs and kisses from his wife;
that blushes when she gaze at the love in his eyes
and a rose in his hand that gives her a sigh.

He rests his tired self in the chair
and let his mind floats in the mid-air.
A romantic kiss brings him back to sanity
and a sweet voice that say's "Diner is ready."
He takes a deep breath and smiles.....Fulfilled.

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