Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annex of Reverence

I think I am;
so in-love.
a glowing rose bud on a healthy stem.
Notice my existence.
Far beyond my radiance.
Is beautiful;magical.
Somewhere in the busy street not an ordinary lady
but,an exemplary love.
A love that cheers everyone around
in their  stygian and tumultuous times.
an explicit homo sapien.
benefactor of paradise.
the product of heavenly dreams.
A river of fidelity.

and sweetheart

All I have;
is happiness.
Enigmatic confidence.
by your fervent essence.

But am I really this inlove?
This shiny pearl from the shell
You gaze at me as.
A venus with the crown of stars.
Could this be substantive;
or is it a make-believe.
I am being held high.

Inside the Indian Restaurant:
At the loving table,we stare
to the future that awaits us
valuing gravity;
they save vitalizing me.

I believe 
I'm too passionate
So poetical,high blown
to notice the brittle aeons of mortals.
either intangible or virtual expo.
Sense my words
Explore my world
Floral chart and skilled sketch.

Utterly stunning
With all the pleasant adjective to state
And if the darts of vile words attack
none would stain my sweet ambrosia
as I am;
to the nth degree
in love.

And my entity:
is a 
glowing rose bud
on a healthy 
with redden petals.
You are air;
my breath
You are sun;
my light
eternal love.

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