Friday, December 31, 2010

a love note to Stewart 4

A smile that radiates from my unwell face
is because of you Sweetheart.
Thank you for the times
when i felt like a scragged moss
on a painted rocks,
you were there
to give me a lot of reason
to get in touch with reality again.
In this waiting room
where temptations are everywhere,
you are my word,
you are my  light,
you are  everything I ever wanted.
And this something
I have given you
and you in turn took from me,
explodes and creates lovely levels
of undefined feelings within me.
At times like this when its hard to breath,
when fever weakens me,
I am so lucky to have you taking care of me.
Making sure that i won't feel like a jaded waste of food
but a precious pearl worthy to hold.
Your princess,
yes Sweetheart,
I am your princess
and with you..
because of you...
always i am grateful.

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