Thursday, December 9, 2010

For the Anchor of My Soul

I am remarkably gleaming in the dark

Holding this exquisite feeling,like my last attempt to soar believing,

Someone has finally decided to take

The flight to heaven with me

To see the repartee amidst darkness

And took me to a beatified walk into moonlight

Beyond the fences of our dreams we saw

A beautiful view,the moment our eyes meet.

For all the love

I thank you sweetheart

For the compelling feeling we have while facing the river

For my lengthy,black hair swaying in your breath

Every time you leaned forward and whisper in my ears "I love you"

For all the time you gaze at me and the moon lurch out

For the flame of passion you wrap around me

Every moment you made me feel it's valentines' day

My fresh dew,in the grass,for all seasons;

A flowing stream of stillness and calm;

My love,sometimes i can't believe you're real

God gave you to me to turn to

And you to need me to love

He handed me a handsome King

For me to gently put on my soft sweet wings

Everything took a turn for the better.

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