Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a morning note for my Sweetheart

Ask what makes a lady like me love you the way i do?

It's in the effervescent laughs..
It's in the serene smiles...
It's in the satisfied breathing...
that i do
in those moments when i give you my heart
Sweetheart,you will find the answers there.

Haven't you noticed the rays 
beaming from the core of my eyes...
especially when i see you glow
and hear your merry hee-haw...

Every little thing that we do
like having a pizza at home
or eat in a classy restaurant...
Sweetheart,makes this young lady
loves an old man like you
Million times than you will ever know

And please don't get on your knees
to apologize the times that you had lived without me
for Sweetheart,i have a lifetime to tell you

You will never age in my eyes
and my heart will keep our love young.

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