Saturday, December 4, 2010

a love note to STEWART 1

I love you my love...for thousand times,for million times the clouds walk in the sky over night and over day.I love you in countless countless times.In times when time itself freezes when I look at your face as you smile(that gives me so much joy),in times when your breathe became mine,until time will bring me to my grave someday,the love i have for you will remain awake.Through ages,it will bloom on summer,on autumn,on winter through spring...Because it is what my love is...for you.Timeless.And as long as my heart feels the very gentle blow of oxygen:a kiss of your love's sincerity,in the vastness of nothingness,i will rise up as a burning phoenix.Glowing.In my eyes,you will remain the most handsome man with the heart that i would willingly kiss for its goodness.

Stewart, you will never age in my eyes because I LOVE YOU...I ADORE YOU.To my last embrace,to my last kiss and to my last breath,You will be the only one...for my eyes,your home.For all times you will be my love...

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