Friday, March 11, 2016

Love of My Life

I want to kiss you goodnight
and hold you close in my arms
feel the warmth of your love
and live in this night's charm

Of everything I know and yet to know
It's you my love that gives me pleasure
Each second of every minute with you
in all the sincerity I love and treasure

What was once a dream is now a reality
out of vast hollow i felt uplifted
I am barren no more because of you
when in emotional bliss our hearts bonded

With you there is none to hold against
as your handsome face is irresistible to me
Now and always I am yours to cherish
and you are mine to love unceasingly

No matter what wonders my eyes have seen
every spectrum is filled with YOU
I know heaven in your enthralling smiles
and your sweet words that lures me too

A lifetime of romantic love to bless
every inch of me yearns every inch of you
the many things you do to make me happy

touches my heart more than you'll ever know.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Love

My love I do not worry about the future
for being cherished here
only brings respect and devotion
Only eternity, knows these bounds

Cloak me, in your lucid passion
so I may live in the spectrum of your light
heavenly desire beyond rapturous moment
our smiles spiraling in bliss

Caress me, keep me safe in your arms
so close,within a sultry breath
a clasp of heated passion
molded as one in romantic deliverance

Guide me,to your innermost thoughts
so I can carve the blueprint in my core
the beauty of the rainbow at its best
connecting our hearts in rythmic ardor

My love I do not worry about tomorrow
for heaven has given me the gift of loving
beyond eternity, I am yours now and always
And you are mine until my last breath

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I worry not for wishes that do not come true
The moment my smile reaches my eyes 
glistening in swelling lust 
I surrender...

True love has finally brought in 
the scent of euphoria which consumes me
to marry my fiery desire 
I give in...

My sadness has come to an end 
I feel the barb melt in my heart 
the moment he utters my name 
I beam...

I'm the woman in her simple beauty 
smiling in bliss and contentment 
enjoying the height of her pedestal 
I surrender...

I embrace in bliss that much closer 
an idea of solace settles upon my tune
for his only purpose is to cure the wound
I give in... 

That moment our hearts beat as one 
And suddenly there is spellbinding metamorphosis
in that transcendental moment
I beam...

Forever is now in our hands 
I felt my heart flutter to race 
under his graceful and enticing smile 
I surrender...

He is given by God to call me home 
And I am his to call his own 
Now and always in his warm caress
I give in...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Abused

Inspired by the stories of the  abused Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong 

The glistening sunrays offer hope 
newborn sighs seek shelter 
the day has come, a break, 
a slumber without disorder

Weakness begins to melt down her spine
to think that today she is free
she distanced her thoughts away from work  
and let their strands flow randomly
if only...

Now is the time to consign to oblivion 
the abuses marred deeply in her soul
scathing words like trash and moron 
for today she can forget them all

But the moment her eyelids clasped
dimness invites haunting pictures 
the rebirth of restlessness and fear 
the seeds of sneaky vultures
if only...

As the day stretched longer a droplet flows 
followed by many in aching fertility  
a hundred dollars left in a pocket
the rest sent to baby for surgery

A smile from a stranger nearby 
deeply penetrates the core of her soul 
the tender warmth of rays shed hope
as friendships bloom amidst the foul 

The day cloaked her with new hope 
in several forms to keep on  
weary eye induced hot droplets no more 
a gentle token of inspiration

The stranger shared the same story 
pages to pages of ink overused 
mind numbing, heart fluttering 
they are much the same -  the abused. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The tree sparrow bows 
in sublime patience  
as the weary moon offers
deafening silence 

Another long night comes 
in secret hollow 
I bleed the same seasoned bruise
mist begets sorrow   

Sometimes when night falls 
in fragmented tide
I let the turns consume me
shying my strong side 

Deep down words doze off 
in polite sequence
I puff the lingering blues 
popping quintessence.

Oh the night still young 
in shaking fingers 
I pick a stone to throw
where the imp lingers 

Could it be possible 
in fading hate 
I will find signs from the cracks 
or is it quite late?

Humans get run-down
in foiled trials 
I have tasted hell on earth, 
guess it's normal.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Whispering Bole

I know that moment
when my fingers pressed
against the cracked lines
your history unleashed
and so was mine.

The moment when I stood
in silence beside you
our spirits talked
and a wish passed my lips
on this barren sidewalk.

The beauty of silken tears
fallen in the same rhythm
connecting two crushed hearts
saving pieces of broken promises
a biting section of organic arts.

Smiles fabricated in hope
sprung as the breeze blew
solidarity can turn the lonely
darkness from the inside out
at times only nature has remedy.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Innocence I see

I strayed to the garden
Oh wonders did I see
The blooming sunflowers
smiling splendidly

To the sound of the chirping birds
I caught the daisies dance,
what beauty to lay eyes on
under the perfect midday sun

There I strayed with open eyes
every step behest my heart
to stop and stare and feel the pulse
of nature's loving art

What should I do, what could I do
the orchids were bewitching
they flourished in peculiar colors
but smite you just the same

I sought to catch the busy bee
that flew from rose to marigold
but then again I took pleasure in
the darling dhalia and carnation red

They seemed to read what was on my mind
So I sat beside the pink primrose.
And at that moment I was blown away
by the innocence in nature's prose.