Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I worry not for wishes that do not come true
The moment my smile reaches my eyes 
glistening in swelling lust 
I surrender...

True love has finally brought in 
the scent of euphoria which consumes me
to marry my fiery desire 
I give in...

My sadness has come to an end 
I feel the barb melt in my heart 
the moment he utters my name 
I beam...

I'm the woman in her simple beauty 
smiling in bliss and contentment 
enjoying the height of her pedestal 
I surrender...

I embrace in bliss that much closer 
an idea of solace settles upon my tune
for his only purpose is to cure the wound
I give in... 

That moment our hearts beat as one 
And suddenly there is spellbinding metamorphosis
in that transcendental moment
I beam...

Forever is now in our hands 
I felt my heart flutter to race 
under his graceful and enticing smile 
I surrender...

He is given by God to call me home 
And I am his to call his own 
Now and always in his warm caress
I give in...

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