Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Love

My love I do not worry about the future
for being cherished here
only brings respect and devotion
Only eternity, knows these bounds

Cloak me, in your lucid passion
so I may live in the spectrum of your light
heavenly desire beyond rapturous moment
our smiles spiraling in bliss

Caress me, keep me safe in your arms
so close,within a sultry breath
a clasp of heated passion
molded as one in romantic deliverance

Guide me,to your innermost thoughts
so I can carve the blueprint in my core
the beauty of the rainbow at its best
connecting our hearts in rythmic ardor

My love I do not worry about tomorrow
for heaven has given me the gift of loving
beyond eternity, I am yours now and always
And you are mine until my last breath

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