Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Anniversary Gifts

I gaze upon your face tonight
my sweet, sweet John
I wonder what entails your dream?
I wish i could peep a slight...

But these eyes of mine could only view
is a charming endeared you,
my ever delicate significant other
with a golden circle 'round your ring finger...

I inspect my ring in addition to
and it didn't look golden at all
For momentarily little by little
it exhibits smaller essential photos

Pictures of how two hearts were bind
within the heat of love's pyre,
under the rocking waters' desire
and the erratic wings of wild blue yonder...

Sketches like we pledge our love on winter's noon
Then spring passed by so soon
You took my hand and we danced across
the soft, green grass of June...

Like of nights where you never missed
to kiss my hair in the autumn's breeze
or warmth my soul with the gifts of your
I love you love and i love you more

A year of wondrous picture to fonder
in our anniversary gifts caped with wonders
Oh my darling delight whom with joy i picked,
these love-filled images beacon me to frolic.