Sunday, June 30, 2013

Waltz Me to Your Delirium

you inspired me with your tender care
or was it simply your lustrous smile
sufficing my soul with resplendence
a summer of magical changes

keeping the objectives
that attached to my being
formatting on my decided vision
with one certain route to go

bound to hold fast destiny
polished as treasured pearl
engaging now confidence
an assurance to fondle fate

eons of fantasia
compassion synchronized
waltz me to your delirium
let's leave the world behind

a long way still I to wait
but loving you in verse
set aflame my sentiments
until the destined date

molded by yesterdays
a reflection of a conqueror
such feast for my misty eyes
my blissful ending is with you Amour 


When sky beacons glorious chants


merge into compliance
fondling hearts
burst passion to the beyond

euphoria flourish wings
to cause blissful buoyancy

here you go again
diffusing your darling artistry
every effect grazes my marrow
sealing the substance of our special promises

what distress could beset such tenderness?

the bliss of cherishing you
bends the wind of adversity
begetting timeless tranquility

golden moments gliding in potted seconds
within the candid words spoke
with endeared poetry

I become the breeze
you become my wings
we sail to the vast unknown
welcoming forever with exultation

and when the sky beacons glorious chants

we surrender...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smile with Me

 The bond now beyond doubt

shall I go on?..

bless this beatitude
common hours grow resplendence

smile with me...

the look in our eyes
sentiments feed the souls
naturally endearing
each blush filling the void
until there is 


no more...

such influence to my being
gently obsessive
are your enticement to me
my long-awaited prince charming...

within my exquisite dreams
quietly superb
where peaceful slumber
means streams of our candid romance...

how many times our glance...excite..?
the once dozing thirst
serenely...we stay

the extraordinary side of our existence
gilded upon wings of kindling hearts

tranquility - I found in your smiles...

shall I go on again?

How can I not Love You?

hours invisibly pass
through joyful hearts
within spellbinding moments
they linger...

exchanging passion
concur into smiles
occur into gazes
and flutter

past molded present
based on facts
for present modelled from past
how lasting can you
carry on, my lover..

fair cottonballs in the sky
go by the twinkle in my eyes
admiring you endless
over the blush of bliss
on my shimmer

i gaily shine
as my fervor
turns divine
my answer
a love poem
and sincere

with pleasure, shielded trust
realized our dreams
in every comfort
upon thousand hellos
celestial and clever

on the wings of destiny
that no wicked past
truly matter

you respect me in my darkness
love me at my worst
we are two souls
mending each others flaws
in all honesty...

How can i not love you?

Good Morning Sweetheart

I cherish the beauty...
the blessing of loving you

my lifelong sweetheart,
my devotion is my token...

within this stream of moments
our love paint the nub of time...

accepting the flaws of yesterdays 
calming the fears of tomorrows...

if I say I love you
I pray you feel my words...

open the doors of your heart
and rest mine there forever...

to be steadfast in love
I pray this will never end...

we perfectly harmonized
so pure that it feels so right...

at all times you hold me dear
you speak straight into my heart

and the laughters that you bring
a gentle fondle to my soul...

what is life without love...
such emptiness without you,

so long I have been a barren
none has wandered to care...

you came to hold my hand
and every morning is not the same...

you wake me with a gentle melody
in this journey to forever with you...

good morning my sweetheart
I love you.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

He said I love You to Me


The sun had me when it said hello...

No doubt...
everything turns out stunning
vivid pictures of us
gently filling the emptiness
we once had.

Just now...
yet another splendid canvass
has been added to fill the void

The minute I looked into your eyes
I knew
You were meant for me...

your gaze soothes my confused mind,
your smile brightens my clouded course,
your voice revives my tired spirit,
your ways pamper the woman in me...

You are the marvel
my essence has been seeking for so long,
to have and to hold for all time.

Paradise opened
and for an instance
I thought an angel spoke softly
when you said I love you Airyn.

My heart flutters...
beyond words...
my soul wants to utter...
but no words...

I was smacked in awe
with the endless pleasant feeling...
I was enthralled by the beauty of love

I, with profound perception
desire a man who challenges my strength,
who recognizes my courage,
who accepts and corrects my flaws...
in his most gentle manner.

Like those perfect works of art...
I've found you in the most unexpected instance...

We are two great artists
who pluck the strings of each others hearts
producing love songs
with lyrics composed from the intense feelings...
from the boundless desires...
intensified through best test years.

I am prepared by yesterdays,
sculpted in the midst of a quagmire...
to be your Babydoll...

You are molded by yesterdays,
carved with the first-rate skill of perfection...
to be my precious Sweetheart...

such rare pearls we found
amidst the counterfeited gems...

i don't mind
what we will endure,
now and forever...
I am yours.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Frayed Justice (A poem for Kainat Soomro)

In this ebbing world
how much courage
you'll need
to survive?
Our question
to the unknown
If by chance
you noticed her glance
will you digest the stress...
the despondency...
upon her cheeks they tarry...
perhaps, dust that filth in your eyes
that you might see
her scalded marrow...
the lasting torment of that instance...
her innocence stripped with mud
an unending asylum
where light is trapped
within tearing seconds...
her lifelong demons
eat her nerves
piece by piece
within that mental arena
without escape
they gang-raped
And after bleeding her wound
she was called
for the world to understand
"Black Virgin"
they labeled
Yes, they pushed her under,
from the delicate mortal
that she is...
for what account...
for what misdeed...
a sister?
a family?
a friend?
a suffering victim
fraying for justice,
praying for inner peace
What life is there to live
for such a shattered soul...
another call out to the unknown.